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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Japanese Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute japanese baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest japan, buddhist, shinto baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Japanese Baby Unisex Names List

Japanese Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Ena Diminutive of Eugenia: Nobilit... Unisex
Shinichi First Son of Shin|True First S... Unisex
Haruki Shining Sun, Springtime Tree|S... Unisex
Jun Chinesee - Truth; Japanese - O... Unisex
Koto Harp|Koto means Pure|Pure... Unisex
Akemi Bright Beautiful|beauty of daw... Unisex
Isi Goddess, Another name for durg... Unisex
Yo Cultivating|positive... Unisex
Saku God has remembered|Remembrance... Unisex
Chiharu Springs and clear skies|one th... Unisex
Kata Kata in Japanese means Worthy ... Unisex
Nana Father of The Mother; Grandfat... Unisex
Shiki The four seasns of the year... Unisex
Machi A smiter, poor person|Poor, a ... Unisex
Kawa Kawa is the name of a mythical... Unisex
Haruko Spring Child; Sunshine; Clear ... Unisex
Den From Denmark|Nickname for name... Unisex
Dai A shining individual|Beloved|B... Unisex
Akira A Combination of The Prefix A ... Unisex
Taru A vast and huge sea of water|M... Unisex
Yasu Calm... Unisex
Fujita Field... Unisex
Shoichi Correct, Prosperous First|Firs... Unisex
Hanan Benevolence, Mercy|Compassion,... Unisex
Kame Kame means Desolate, Arid|Tort... Unisex
Hiroko Generous Child, Magnanimous|Ja... Unisex
Gen The lady of the congregation|r... Unisex
Ryoichi First Son of Ryo|Good First So... Unisex
Shoma A Tributary of River Ganga|A b... Unisex
Nari Cheerful|Deed; Woman|Thunder... Unisex
Akiara A bright person... Unisex
Gina A diminutive of Georgina, Virg... Unisex
Aoki An evergreen blue tree... Unisex
Sanyu Japanese name meaning happines... Unisex
Naoki Honest Tree|Truthful and open ... Unisex
Kaori Fragrant Beautiful Girl|Kaori ... Unisex
Harue Born In The Spring|Spring Boug... Unisex
Akane Brilliant Red|Madder; red dye|... Unisex
Miki A Japanese name that means a t... Unisex
Shun A fast and talented person|Goo... Unisex
Hiro Broad; Widespread|Japanese - A... Unisex
Kayo From Initial Sk.o|Kayo means T... Unisex
Tamika Friendly|People|variation of T... Unisex
Michi Righteous|pathway|the upright ... Unisex
Hina A Flowering Plan; Generally Us... Unisex
Yoko Good; Positive|Ocean Child, Po... Unisex
Haruna Clean spring leaves|Spring Veg... Unisex
Aoi Holly flower... Unisex
Kuri Chestnut|Kuri means Chestnut... Unisex
Mika A Form of Micah|Abbreviation o... Unisex
Ran A form of Ron meaning 'Sing jo... Unisex
Soma Moon Rays|Moon rays; The Soma ... Unisex
Tama A Jewel|Night|She is like a th... Unisex
Ryozo Third Son of Ryo... Unisex
Nami A popular person|Lord Vishnu|O... Unisex
Tatsuo A female dragon|Dragon Man|Dra... Unisex
Kaoru Kaoru means Fragant... Unisex
Kohana Kohana means Swift|Little Flow... Unisex
Sachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Followi... Unisex
Danuja Knight; a ruler|Son of Danu... Unisex
Tanaka Dweller|Reward... Unisex
Suzu A man who lives long|Bell|Long... Unisex
Makoto A sincere person|Sincerity... Unisex
Tomo A Twin|Intelligence or a knowl... Unisex
Amaya Goddess of Nature; Night's Rai... Unisex
Ringo A Familiar Form of Ring|Apple|... Unisex
Umeko Kind One|Patient|Plum Blossom ... Unisex
Kyou Kyou means Capital City... Unisex
Kosuke Kosuke means The Rising Sun... Unisex
Jorden A Form of Jordan|Descend, flow... Unisex
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