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Religion - Meaning, Definition, Types, List of Religions, Examples, & Facts

Religion is a socio-cultural system of specified behaviors and practices, morals, beliefs, scriptures, worldviews, texts, sacred places, prophecies or organizations, that link humanity to the supernatural, transcendental and spiritual elements. in other word Religion is a set of organized beliefs, practices, and systems often concerned with the belief and worship of a controlling power in the form of a personal God or some other supernatural being.
While this is a basic definition, there are many different understandings of what a religion is, and not all religions focus on belief in a god, gods, or supernatural forces.

There are over 10,000 different religions around the world. About 84% of the world's population is affiliated with Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or some form of folk religion.
Religiously unaffiliated demographics include people who do not identify with a particular religion, atheists and agnostics. While the religiously unaffiliated have developed globally, many of the religiously unaffiliated still have different religious beliefs.

Type of Religion

Many religion exist in this world example Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. all type have some special philioshopy which make it unique. Religion can be classify on bases of many factors like origin, philioshopy, geographical etc.
Types of religion according to philioshopy, geographical.
1. Abrahamic: Abrahamic religions are monotheistic religions that believe they are descendants of abraham. judaism, christianity, islam, baháʼí faith are abrahamic religion.
2. East Asian: East Asian religions (also known as far eastern religions or taoic religions) include many religions of east asia that use the concept of tao (in chinese) or do (in japanese or korean). folk religions, taoism and confucianism are east asian religion.
3. Indian Religions: Indian religions are practiced or established in the indian subcontinent. they are sometimes classified as dharmic religions, as they are all characterized by specific laws of religion, reality, and the duties expected according to the religion. hinduism, jainism, buddhism and sikhism are indian religions.
4. Indigenous and Folk: Indigenous religion or folk religion refers to a wide range of traditional religions that may be characterized by shamanism, animism, and ancestor worship, where the traditional meaning is 'indigenous, that is, tribal or native, handed down from generation to generation.'. these are religions that are closely associated with a particular group of people, ethnicity or tribe, they often have no formal creed or sacred texts. australian aboriginal religions, folk religions of the americas (native american religions) are example of indigenous and folk religion.
5. Traditional African: African traditional religion covers the traditional religious beliefs of the people in africa. in west africa, these religions include akan religion, dahomey (fon) mythology, efik mythology, odinani, serer religion (a at rog), and yoruba religion, while bushongo mythology, mbt (pygmy) mythology, lugbara the mythology, dinka religion, and lotuko mythology come from central africa. southern african traditions include amba mythology, masai mythology, malagasy mythology, san religion, lozi mythology, tumbuka mythology and zulu mythology. bantu mythology is found throughout central, southeast and southern africa.
6. Iranian: Iranian religions are ancient religions whose roots predate the islamization of greater iran. nowadays these religions are practiced only by minorities. zoroastrianism is based on the teachings of the prophet zoroaster in the 6th century bc. zoroastrians worship the manufacturer ahura mazda. in zoroastrianism, good and evil have separate sources, with evil trying to destroy mazda's creation, and good trying to maintain it.

Popular Religion list with Population

ReligionPopulationFoundedCultural tradition
Christianity2.4 billionMiddle EastAbrahamic religions
Islam1.9 billionArabia (Middle East), 7th centuryAbrahamic religions
Hinduism1.2 billionIndian subcontinentIndian religions
Buddhism0.5 billionIndian subcontinentIndian religions
Folk religion0.4 billionWorldwideRegional
Shinto100 millionJapanJapanese religions
Taoism12-173 millionChinese religionsChina
Sikhism30 millionIndian subcontinent, 15th centuryIndian religions
Judaism14.5 millionThe Levant (Middle East)Abrahamic religions
Confucianism6-7 millionChinaChinese religions
Korean shamanism5-15 millionKoreaKorean religions
Spiritism5-15 millionFranceNew religious movements
Caodaism5-9 millionVietnam, 20th centuryVietnamese religions
Baháʼí Faith5-7.3 millionIran, 19th centuryAbrahamic religions
Jainism4-5 millionIndian subcontinent, 7th to 9th century BCIndian religions
Cheondoism3-4 millionKorea, 19th centuryKorean religions
Hoahaoism1.5-3 millionVietnam, 20th centuryVietnamese religions
Tenriism1.2 millionJapan, 19th centuryJapanese religions
Druze1 millionEgypt, 9th centuryAbrahamic religions

Religeous Baby Names

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Religion is the name of self-discovery. Is there some power or some mystery. Religion is a mystery, a sensation, a dialogue and a search for the soul. Whenever we say religion, it sounds like there is something that needs to be known. Religion is to leap into the infinite and the unknown. Religion is knowing birth, death and life.
Religion is a sectarian system of worship and code of conduct, in which man believes in a supernatural ideal and expects his welfare from it.

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