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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Asian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Asian Baby Unisex Names List

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Asian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute asian baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest asia, buddhist, muslim, christian, asian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Lali Beloved Darling Girl|Blushing|... Unisex
Ajay A Combination of The Initials ... Unisex
Manjodh A warrior against the evils of... Unisex
Piki Cuckoo|Indian Cuckoo; A Ngati-... Unisex
Newat The person who is excellent in... Unisex
Priyanshi Dear One|Lovable|Lovable Part... Unisex
Jugnu A Fire Fly|A Firefly|A firefly... Unisex
Gauhar A Pearl|Cow Like; White|Diamon... Unisex
Kalavati Artist; Goddess Parvati; Artis... Unisex
Chandler A candle-maker and seller|Cand... Unisex
Nithya An eternal beauty|Eternal|Eter... Unisex
Kusumavati Flowering|The name means Sprin... Unisex
Gambhira Considerate; Thoughtful|Gallan... Unisex
Nauka Boat|Resembles the transportat... Unisex
Gunvinder King of Virtues; King of Kings... Unisex
Namya Bowed down; Modest; Polite; Ve... Unisex
Kamaljot Light of Lotus|Light of Lotus;... Unisex
Shon A Form of Sean|Feminine form o... Unisex
Nani Beauty; splendor|Cute Person|G... Unisex
Pranayaa Leader|She is a born leader... Unisex
Nerisha Light of the Home|Lovely|That ... Unisex
Ismah Infallibility; Preservation|Is... Unisex
Agamjot God'S Light|God's Light; beaco... Unisex
Khushi Happiness|Happiness or Joy|Hap... Unisex
Nainappan One own's eyes or the eyes of ... Unisex
Shadow 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Simon ... Unisex
Atula Incomparable|Matchless, Incomp... Unisex
Pia Beloved|Devout|Italian name... Unisex
Nima Blessing, Favor|Born to wealth... Unisex
Uzzia God is my strength|Power of Je... Unisex
Punyashila Having a Virtuous Character|On... Unisex
Paramgun Having Highest Virtues|Having ... Unisex
Ujas Bright|Bright or shining|Brigh... Unisex
Rina A Short Form of Names Ending I... Unisex
Aradhyaa Blessing of Lord Ganesha|Worsh... Unisex
Moraka An individual who is freedom l... Unisex
Mruda Goddess Parvati, Affectionate|... Unisex
Atarah A Crown|Crowned|Hebrew word me... Unisex
Puri City|Devotional Place... Unisex
Meda A Mixed Caste; Fat|Fat; A Mixe... Unisex
Niraimadhi Full Moon|Omniscient; The Full... Unisex
Alta A exalted and elevated majesti... Unisex
Michal Form of Michael 'Who is like G... Unisex
Priyanshu First Ray of Sunlight|First ra... Unisex
Preetha Happy|Happy; Dear one; Another... Unisex
Vajra Diamond|Diamond, Durga|Diamond... Unisex
Wilfred A Wish For Peace|Desires peace... Unisex
Gelareh Eyes... Unisex
Kartikka A Hindi Calendar Month|Light|N... Unisex
Sudipta Bright|Sweet; Bright... Unisex
Laal Dear One; Beloved; Lovely; Red... Unisex
Abiyah A smart of beautiful girl|Hand... Unisex
Sukhada One Who Gives Happiness|One wh... Unisex
Shuchi Clean, Pure, Holy|Pious, Pure,... Unisex
Eka Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu,matchl... Unisex
Kiranbir Sun of Light... Unisex
Avinna One who came from the Oat fiel... Unisex
Samhita A Vedic Composition|A Vedic Co... Unisex
Prabhati Morning|Of The Morning|One of ... Unisex
Abhineet Perfect|Perfect ; Absolute; Th... Unisex
Lisabet Abbreviation of Elizabeth|Cons... Unisex
Lavey Brought together, Joined, an U... Unisex
Nisha A Form of Niesha, Nissa|Bold a... Unisex
Ramadasa Servant of Lord Rama|devotee o... Unisex
Akay Near a full moon or illuminati... Unisex
Sutapa Seeker of God... Unisex
Eshika An Arrow|An Arrow, Dart|An Arr... Unisex
Farhang Good Breeding|Good-breeding|Go... Unisex
Vladislava Glorious Ruler|Glory|The Glori... Unisex
Neko The butter made from the Sheep... Unisex

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