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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Christian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute christian baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest catholic, protestant, orthodox baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Christian Baby Unisex Names List

Christian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Erhinyuse God answers our prayers... Unisex
Efetobo Wealth is achieved... Unisex
Beatrice Blesses|Bringer of Joy|Feminin... Unisex
Kensington Kensington means The Cysinge T... Unisex
Herman A soldier|Army Man|Army Man; H... Unisex
Breck Freckled|Person having a spott... Unisex
Esteban Crowned|Crowned In Victory Var... Unisex
Ashlen A Form of Ashlyn|Meadow of ash... Unisex
Eki A Single String Necklace|Liqui... Unisex
Cannon A man who is a Churches offici... Unisex
Tyra Battle|God|Untamed... Unisex
Bab A gateway to heaven; a travell... Unisex
Fran Free|From France or 'free one.... Unisex
Princy Prince Like|Princess... Unisex
Seath Wolfish... Unisex
Bates 'King Henry V' Soldier in the ... Unisex
Iesha A Form of Aisha|Alive|Alive, L... Unisex
Nalina Lotus|Lotus; Pond of Lotuses; ... Unisex
Jammie A Form of Jami|He who supplant... Unisex
Meed Old English - From the meadow;... Unisex
Bronx A place name. A land that belo... Unisex
Celt A musical and exotic name|A ve... Unisex
Hemish Lord|Lord of The Earth|Lord of... Unisex
Dylann Sea|Son of the sea|The vast se... Unisex
Sagittarius One who is an archer|the arche... Unisex
Cheng An accomplished person|accompl... Unisex
Collin A child; a little more than a ... Unisex
Leticia A person who spreads joy and h... Unisex
Terrica American created name|From Ter... Unisex
Iseul Dew... Unisex
Diandre A Form of Deandre|A blend of D... Unisex
Mada A Form of Madaline, Magdalen|F... Unisex
Abigail Father Rejoices|Father in rejo... Unisex
Finlay A fair and heroic warrior|Fair... Unisex
Kalpaka Ceremony; of a Certain Standar... Unisex
Thai He who is from Thailand|Many, ... Unisex
Sandy Abbreviation of Alexander 'def... Unisex
Hamra Fair Woman, Red|Red... Unisex
Hayaam Deliriously In Love|Lakshmi... Unisex
Totole A star of the constellation... Unisex
Noadiah God Assembles|Witness, or orna... Unisex
Ingram Angel|Ing's Raven|Ing's raven ... Unisex
Merla Blackbird... Unisex
Fizza Breeze; Nature; Silver; Pure; ... Unisex
Wednesday Born On Wednesday|Born on a we... Unisex
Ehren A honourable and kind hearted ... Unisex
Mayra A Plant name|A beloved girl|Be... Unisex
Kati Kati means Clean, Pure, Unsull... Unisex
Boniface From The Boar Valley|Good Dest... Unisex
Derick First of the people, King of n... Unisex
Gervaise Honorable|Person who is workin... Unisex
Tomy -Not Available-... Unisex
Harper A Player On The Harp|Harp play... Unisex
Shantel Song|Stony place... Unisex
Milek The archangels of the Almighty... Unisex
Susheela Good Conduct... Unisex
Eoghan Born from the Yew tree|Noble|V... Unisex
Kailey Kailey means Each of the Two|L... Unisex
Caledon A tough person... Unisex
Cache A place where things are store... Unisex
Emuvoke Everything has time... Unisex
Tara A Star; The Name of a Buddhist... Unisex
Alanna Attractive|Fair|Feminine form ... Unisex
Janapriya Beloved One|One who Loved by t... Unisex
Viveka Little Woman; Brain; Capacity ... Unisex
Merletta Black Bird; Shiny sea; A Dimin... Unisex
Euridice justice|wide justice... Unisex
Marcia A warlike woman|Defense, of th... Unisex
Kori A Familiar Form of Korina|Deep... Unisex
Alfonso Eager for war|Eager, Noble|Nob... Unisex
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