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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Japanese Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Japanese Baby Boy Names List

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Japanese Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute japanese baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest japan, buddhist, shinto baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Akio Bright Boy|Bright Man|Bright M... Boy
Kanaye Zealous One... Unisex
Koshiro wide-mind; ambitious... Boy
Tomiichi One who is wealthy and prosper... Boy
Haruto Spring; Sunny; Clear Up Radian... Boy
Zinan Second Son|second-born son... Boy
Sasuke A helper|help, assistance... Boy
Aoi Holly flower... Unisex
Kazuya Kazuya means The Calm and Peac... Boy
Eito A very prosperous person; they... Boy
Nari Cheerful|Deed; Woman|Thunder... Unisex
Kuniko Child From The Country|The Chi... Unisex
Kata Kata in Japanese means Worthy ... Unisex
Youta Great Sunlight... Boy
Amida The Name of Buddha|name of Bud... Unisex
Tokyo The capital to the east... Boy
Hakaku White Crane... Boy
Sachio Fortunately Born|happy child... Unisex
Morio Forest|Forest Boy... Boy
Guha Guha are deligent natured pers... Boy
Kyo Approval|Kyo means Village or ... Unisex
Katashi firmness... Boy
Tatsuya Become Dragon, Possess Wisdom ... Boy
Tamotsu Complete, Protect|Complete; Pr... Boy
Gringamore Gringamore is a mesculine vers... Boy
Taiyo sun... Boy
Takumi Artisan... Boy
Masanori Correct Principles, Prosperous... Boy
Toshihiro Wise... Boy
Taishiro ambitious boy... Boy
Akemi Bright Beautiful|beauty of daw... Unisex
Ryozo Third Son of Ryo... Unisex
Hiroko Generous Child, Magnanimous|Ja... Unisex
Masa Good Son|Japanese name meaning... Boy
Kuro Ninth Son|The name means The N... Boy
Saku God has remembered|Remembrance... Unisex
Mina A Place Near Makkah|Enamel Wor... Unisex
Jurou Japanese - Tenth Son; A varian... Boy
Hisashi Always with you; A long time i... Boy
Yasu Calm... Unisex
Kentaro Big Boy|Kentaro means Big Man.... Boy
Manabu Studious... Boy
Harue Born In The Spring|Spring Boug... Unisex
Yuu Excellence, Superiority, Gentl... Boy
Maki Finnish meaning is Hill, while... Unisex
Shohta A thick, big person... Boy
Souji One who is a general director... Boy
Yori Dependence|Trust|reliable... Unisex
Chiharu Springs and clear skies|one th... Unisex
Taku Young, living just for a littl... Boy
Hansuke A very helpful friend... Boy
Hideo Excellent male child; Excellen... Boy
Kenji Kenji means He is Strong and V... Boy
Tomoya A wise or an intelligent perso... Boy
Yuji courageous second son... Boy
Asahi Morning Sun... Boy
Katsuro Katsuro name means The Victory... Boy
Enmei Bright Circle; Life Sustaining... Boy
Reizo Cool; Calm; Well-groomed... Boy
Junpei Japanese - Pure; Genuine; Inno... Boy
Kisho One Who Knows His Own Mind... Unisex
Kazumi Harmonious Beauty|Kazumi means... Unisex
Kami A Short Form of Kamila, Kamila... Unisex
Kawa Kawa is the name of a mythical... Unisex
Naoko Child of Nao|Respectful and su... Unisex
Chibi Cute|Japanese - Short Person o... Boy
Yemon Guarding The Gate... Boy
Reiko Beautiful, Courteous Child|The... Unisex
Aito -Not Available-... Boy
Tomohiro A huge or broad wisdom or know... Boy

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