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List of Schools in Nazirpur High School Cluster (Balurghat Block), South Dinajpur, West Bengal | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of Nazirpur High School Cluster, Balurghat, South Dinajpur District (West Bengal, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in Nazirpur High School Cluster

1 Nazirpur 10 - Dasul F.P. School School
2 Nazirpur 10 - Dasul High School School
3 Nazirpur 6 - Khanpur F.P. School School
4 Nazirpur 6 - Khanpur High School School
5 Nazirpur 7 - Kaigram F.P. School School
6 Nazirpur 8 - Chakramkrishnapur S.S.K School
7 Nazirpur 8 - Chandpukur S.S.K School
8 Nazirpur 8 - Idrakpur F.P. School School
9 Nazirpur 8 - Kaigram Hilahar Adibashi S.S.K School
10 Nazirpur 8 - Kashipur S.S.K School
11 Nazirpur 8 - Malakarpara S.S.K School
12 Nazirpur 8 - Nishchinta (Mahala) S.S.K School
13 Nazirpur 8 - Rampurkismat F.P. School School
14 Nazirpur 8 - Uttar Jantigram S.S.K School
15 Nazirpur 8 - Uttar Khanpur S.S.K School
16 Nazirpur 9 - Khorna F.P. School School
17 Nazirpur I - Khorna Nazirpur F.P. School School
18 Nazirpur I - Kismat Josahar F.P. School School
19 Nazirpur I - Nazirpur High School School
20 Nazirpur II - Mahala F.P. School School
21 Nazirpur II - Piyakhan Mahala F.P. School School
22 Nazirpur III - Jantigram F.P. School School
23 Nazirpur III - Jantigram Jr. High School School
24 Nazirpur III - Ramprosad F.P. School School
25 Nazirpur IV - Baidul F.P. School School
26 Nazirpur IV - Motra F.P. School School
27 Nazirpur IV - Taraganj F.P. School School
List of Cluster in Balurghat Blocks (Tehsil)
Adibashi Kms Vidyapith Badamail Lp High School
Baul Parameswar High Scho Borkoil High School
Chakkashi Fp School Khaspur Jr Basic School
Khidirpur High School Malancha Z.M.R.M High Sch
Nazirpur High School Patiram High School
Sanapara S.C High School
Area Types of Balurghat Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 M.G.M.R H.S-Gandhinagara Dvg, Davanagere North School
2 Blessed Mother Theresa Model Hss-Nainarmandapam, Oullandai School
3 Up Gms Gondi Hinotiya, Gondi Hinotia School
4 Girls Gps Paliya School
5 Govt. Primary School, Meruva
6 Ram Ganga Ps Kalagarh, New Kaloni School
7 Ghs Wan School
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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