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List of Schools in Fateh Pur Jasoda Cluster (Jalalabad Block), Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of Fateh Pur Jasoda Cluster, Jalalabad, Kannauj District (Uttar Pradesh, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in Fateh Pur Jasoda Cluster

1 Baisa Wari - (P.S.) Primary School Takhe Purwa School
2 Baisa Wari - (P.S.) Primary School, Vaisa Vari School
3 Baisa Wari - Junior High School (Jhs) Baisawari School
4 Bhura Jani - (P.S.) Primary School, Bhurjani School
5 Devi Purva - (P.S.) Primary School, Devi Purwa School
6 Fateh Pur Jasoda - (P.S.) Primary School, Aam Purwa School
7 Fateh Pur Jasoda - (P.S.) Primary School, Fate Pur School
8 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Dr. R.M.L. Jhs Jasoda School
9 Fateh Pur Jasoda - J.P Junior High School Fatehpu School
10 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Junior High School (Jhs) Fateh Pur School
11 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Sarasawti Sisu Mandir Jasoda School
12 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Saraswati Siksha Sadan P. Viday School
13 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Saraswati Vidya Mandir Jasoda School
14 Fateh Pur Jasoda - Ups Bhur Jani School
15 Hajrat Pur - Primary School Hajratpur School
16 Jasora - (P.S.) Primary School, Jasora School
17 Kisiwa Pur - Junior High School (Jhs) Kisiwa Pur School
18 Kisiwa Pur - K.P.S. Kisiwa Pur School
19 Kula Pur - (P.S.) Primary School, Kula Pur School
20 Kula Pur - B.B.A.V. Kulhapur School
21 Musari - (P.S.) Primary School, Musari School
22 Nek Pur Khattri - (P.S.) Primary School Karan Jauli School
23 Nek Pur Khattri - (P.S.) Primary School, Nek Pur Khatri School
24 Nek Pur Khattri - Junior High School (Jhs) Nekpur Khatri School
25 Sagara - (P.S.) Primary School Sagra School
26 Satvari - (P.S.) Primary School Mahmudpur Majra School
27 Satvari - (P.S.) Primary School, Satwari School
28 Simra Pur - Ups Satwari School
29 Teraragi - (P.S.) Primary School Mayanagar (Chamarpurwa) School
30 Teraragi - (P.S.) Primary School Saraiya School
31 Teraragi - (P.S.) Primary School, Teraragi School
32 Teraragi - Ups Musari School
33 Teraragi - Ups Tera Ragi School
List of Cluster in Jalalabad Blocks (Tehsil)
Anwgi Atara
Fateh Pur Jasoda Jalala Bad
Jus Pura Pur Sariya
Area Types of Jalalabad Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 Govt. Primary School, Bhilon Ki Dhani Kantoli
2 Govt. Primary School, Rattangarh
3 Jagadanandabati Primary School, Dafarpur IV
4 Govt. Upper Primary School, Kutub Pur, Kutubpur
5 P.U.P.S. S. Paraipatti, Muneeswaran Colony School
6 Ups Rawatpura School
7 Sonbil Lower Primary School, Butucherra
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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