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List of Schools in Sabji Mandi Jaitaran, Gups Cluster (Jaitaran Block), Pali, Rajasthan | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of Sabji Mandi Jaitaran, Gups Cluster, Jaitaran, Pali District (Rajasthan, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in Sabji Mandi Jaitaran, Gups Cluster

1 Jaitaran - Adhars Vidya Mander, Jaitaran School
2 Jaitaran - Bright Minds School, Jaitaran School
3 Jaitaran - Dayananda Public School Jaitaran School
4 Jaitaran - Eden Internation School Jaitaran School
5 Jaitaran - Excellent International Ups, Jaitaran School
6 Jaitaran - Galaxy International Ups School, Jaitaran School
7 Jaitaran - Govt. Girls Upper Primary School, New Jaitaran School
8 Jaitaran - Govt. Upper Primary School, Sabji Mandi Jaitaran School
9 Jaitaran - K.G.B.V. Jataran School
10 Jaitaran - Kidz Academy Ps School Jaitaran School
11 Jaitaran - Madarsa Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Jaitaran School
12 Jaitaran - Madarsa Nurani Sekho Ka Bas Jaitaran School
13 Jaitaran - Madarsh Darul Hadis Mohmmadiya, Jaitaran School
14 Jaitaran - Madarsha Goshiya Emamo Ka Chok Jaitaran School
15 Jaitaran - Madarsha Islamiya Bada Bas, Jaitaran School
16 Jaitaran - Madrsa Ahle Hadis Mohmmadiya, Jaitaran School
17 Jaitaran - N.D. Memorial Public School Jaitaran School
18 Jaitaran - Nakoda Public School Jaitaran School
19 Jaitaran - Prince Ups Jaitaran School
20 Jaitaran - Raj Public School Ups Jaitarn School
21 Jaitaran - Right Choice International Ups, Jaitaran School
22 Jaitaran - Sansakar Ackedmic Public School
23 Jaitaran - Shri Ranveer Singh Middle Ups Jaitaran School
24 Jaitaran - Siddhi Vinayak School Jaitaran School
25 Jaitaran - Tilak Ups Jaitaran School
List of Cluster in Jaitaran Blocks (Tehsil)
Agewa, Ggups Alakh Gusai Ki Dhani Gups
Bagatpura, Gups Balada, Ggups
Bassi Chainpura Gups Bassi, Gups
Bedkalan, Ggups Bhakarwas Gups
Birampuri Gups Chawandiya Kala, Gups
Dewaria, Ggups Digarana, Ggups
Gangalia, Gups, Lambiya Garniya, Ggups
Gujr Dani Asarlai, Gups Jaitaran, G.S. Sec. S.
Jhajanwas, Gups, Patwa Kanawas, Ggups
Kaner Bera Balunda, Gups Kanwaliya Kala, Gups
Khinawadi Gups Kotaria, Gups, Kudki
Lasni, Gups Likhmaniya Gups
Lithriya, Gups Lototi, Ggups
Maliyo Ki Bad, Gups, Nimaj Malpuriya, Gups
Nimbera Khurd Gups Nimbol, Ggups
Nokhra Bera Ap. Kalu, Gups Rabariyawaas, Ggups
Raiko Ki Dhani Pipliya Khurd Gups Ramawaas Kalan, Gups
Ras, Gups Roopnagar, Gups
Sabji Mandi Jaitaran, Gups Tibadi, Gups, Falka
Area Types of Jaitaran Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 Madrsa Islamiya Samad Ul Uloom, Amroha City School
2 Bilkhawthlir Higher Secondary School, Bilkhawthlir S
3 Sri Narayanaguru Ehs Padubelle School
4 Seven Sisters Public Up School, Nongbah Sohiong
5 Kazim Uddin Memorial Lower Primary School, Malibari Satra
6 Govt. Middle School Jhinpuri
7 Gautam Budh G M Jawala Nagar School
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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