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List of Schools in Kundla Pratap, Gups, Kundla Pratap Cluster (Sunel Block), Jhalawar, Rajasthan | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of Kundla Pratap, Gups, Kundla Pratap Cluster, Sunel, Jhalawar District (Rajasthan, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in Kundla Pratap, Gups, Kundla Pratap Cluster

1 Khalil Nagar - Gps, Khalil Nagar School
2 Kundala Pratap - Gups, Kundala Pratap School
3 Mangispur - Gss, Mangispur School
4 Mangispur - Saraswati Shishu Mandir School
5 Setkheri - Gps, Setkheri School
List of Cluster in Sunel Blocks (Tehsil)
Asondiya, Gups, Asondiya Ausav, Ggups, Ausav
Azampur, Gups, Azampur Banskheri, Gups Banskheri
Bhurkheri, Gups, Bhurkheri Bijniya Kheri, Gps, Bijniyakheri
Boliya Colony, Gps, Boliya Colony Boliyabari, Gups, Boliyabari
Borkheri, Gups, Borkheri Chanvandiya, Gups, Chanvandiya
Chodi, Gups, Chodi Dawal, Gups, Dawal
Devchi, Gups, Devchi Dhabli, Gups, Dhabli
Dharookheri, Gups, Dharookheri Dhaturiya Kala, Gups, Dhaturiya Kal
Garwada, Gups, Garwada Gelana, Gups, Gailana
Gundi, Gups, Gundi Guradiya Gups, Guradiya
Hanotiya Kotri, Gps, Hanotiya Kotri Hemra, Gups, Hemda
Kadarnagar, Gups, Kadarnagar Kandal Kheri, Gups, Kandalkheri
Karodiya, Gups, Karodiya Khejarpur, Gups, Khejarpur
Kheri, Gups, Kheri Kolikhera, Gups, Kolikhera
Kotra Patap, Gups, Kotrapratap Kotri, Ggups, Kotari
Kundla Pratap, Gups, Kundla Pratap Manthniya, Gups, Mathaniya
Maya Kheri, Gups, Mayakheri Mundla, Gups, Mundla
Nandpura, Gups, Nandpura Parasali, Gups, Parasali
Paukheri, Gups, Paukheri Pirawa, Gups, Pirawa Np
Raipur, Gups, Raipur Salotiya Gups, Salotiya Sunel
Saroniya, Gups, Saroniya Semlichohan, Gups, Semlichohan
Silori, Gups Silori Sirpoi, Gups, Sirpoi
Sunel, Gups, Sunel
Area Types of Sunel Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 (Zphs) Zilla Parishad High School, Chintha Nekkonda
2 (P.S.) Primary School, Santpur, Paronkh
3 Acharya Academy, Bengabad School
4 Rcm Ps (Aided) Kakulapadu School
5 Sri Hari Lower Primary School, Fouzdar Dewanpara
6 Self Education School, Chhindwara
7 Goudtikira Primary School, Silat
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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