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List of Schools in Des Raj (Pri) Bti Cluster (Bathinda Block), Bathinda, Punjab | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of Des Raj (Pri) Bti Cluster, Bathinda, Bathinda District (Punjab, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in Des Raj (Pri) Bti Cluster

1 Bathinda, Ward No. 12 - Gems Pb School Bathinda School
2 Bathinda, Ward No. 12 - Govt. Primary School, Dhobiana Bathinda School
3 Bathinda, Ward No. 13 - Bhoj Raj J Lajwanti Pb School Bathinda School
4 Bathinda, Ward No. 13 - Dasham Pita Guru Gobind Singh Pb School School
5 Bathinda, Ward No. 13 - Govt. Primary School, Distt Jail Bathinda School
6 Bathinda, Ward No. 13 - Govt. Primary School, Housing Boarb Bathinda School
7 Bathinda, Ward No. 14 - Baba Farid Pb School Bathinda School
8 Bathinda, Ward No. 14 - Bimal Rai Memorial Guru Nanak Middle School Bathinda School
9 Bathinda, Ward No. 14 - Govt. Primary School, Civil Station Bathinda School
10 Bathinda, Ward No. 14 - Guru Kashi Pb School Bathinda School
11 Bathinda, Ward No. 15 - Satluj Pb School Bathinda School
12 Bathinda, Ward No. 16 - Govt. Primary School, Chandsar Basti Bathinda School
13 Bathinda, Ward No. 24 - Govt. Primary School, Des Raj Bathinda School
14 Bathinda, Ward No. 25 - Deepak Pb School Bathinda School
15 Bathinda, Ward No. 27 - Samta Pb School Bathinda School
16 Bathinda, Ward No. 28 - Govt. Primary School, Br Gobind Nanar Bathinda School
17 Bathinda, Ward No. 28 - Sukhmani Pb School Bathinda School
18 Bathinda, Ward No. 29 - Govt. Primary School, Amarpura Basti Bathinda School
19 Bathinda, Ward No. 29 - Sen Sec Residential School For Meritorious Students Bathinda School
20 Bathinda, Ward No. 30 - Govt. Primary School, Lal Singh Basti Bathinda School
21 Bathinda, Ward No. 31 - Govt. Adrash Senior Secondary School Bathinda School
22 Bathinda, Ward No. 32 - Govt. Primary School, Sanguana Basti Bathinda School
23 Bathinda, Ward No. 32 - Ssd Mangat Ram Sr Secondary School Btd School
24 Bathinda, Ward No. 34 - Ghs Sanjay Nagar Bathinda School
25 Bathinda, Ward No. 34 - Govt. Primary School, Sanjay Nagar Bathinda School
26 Bathinda, Ward No. 34 - Punjab Pb School Bathinda School
27 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Ariya Sr Secondary School (G) Bathinda School
28 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Arya Model Sr Secondary School Bathinda School
29 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Gsss Des Raj Mem School Bathinda School
30 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Janta Middle School School
31 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Khalsa Sr Secondary School Bathinda School
32 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Little Angels Pb School Bathinda School
33 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Prince Pb School Bathinda School
34 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Sd Pb School High Bathinda School
35 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Ssd Girls Collegiate Senior Secondary School School
36 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Ssd Moti Ram Kmv School Bathinda School
37 Bathinda, Ward No. 35 - Ssd Sr Secondary School (B) Bathinda School
38 Bathinda, Ward No. 36 - Bal Bhawan Middle School School
39 Bathinda, Ward No. 36 - Ghaniya Krishna Pb School Btd School
40 Bathinda, Ward No. 37 - G Arjun Dev Pb School Bathinda School
41 Bathinda, Ward No. 37 - Gms Lal Singh Basti Bathinda School
42 Bathinda, Ward No. 37 - Gnd Sr Secondary School Bathinda School
43 Bathinda, Ward No. 37 - Khalsa National Pb School Bathind School
44 Bathinda, Ward No. 38 - Gms Mohalla Jhuti Ka Bathinda School
45 Bathinda, Ward No. 38 - Govt. Primary School, Mohalla Jhuti Ka Bathinda School
46 Bathinda, Ward No. 40 - Saintpal Pb School Partap Nagarbti School
47 Bathinda, Ward No. 42 - R.B. Dav Sr. Secondary Public School Dayananda Nagar Branch School
48 Bathinda, Ward No. 43 - New Lucky Pb School School
49 Bathinda, Ward No. 43 - Shri Sharda Happy Pb School School
50 Bathinda, Ward No. 43 - Vishvas Pb School Bathinda School
51 Bathinda, Ward No. 45 - Bimla Devi Charitable School Prsramnagar School
List of Cluster in Bathinda Blocks (Tehsil)
Balluana Bathinda (G)
Blahar Mehma Des Raj (Pri) Bti
Gobindpura Goniana Mandi (B)
Har Raipur Katar Singh Wala
Kili Nihal Singh Wala Mehma Sarja
Area Types of Bathinda Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 Govt. Primary School, Himmatgarh, Himatgarh
2 N.P.S Semriya Khurd, Semariya Khurd School
3 Nclp 17 (Sdp College For Women), Ludhiana-2 School
4 Govt. Primary School, Sarna
5 Paikandara Mes, Paikandara Part 1 School
6 Govt. Primary School, Dinarpur
7 Ma Badi Kendra Lamba Tonk, Bildi School
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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