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List of Schools in M.S. Khanpura Masaurhi Cluster (Masaurhi Block), Patna, Bihar | Academic & Facilities Details of All Govt. & Private (Primary, Secondary, High) School

Find Govt. and Private School in all location of M.S. Khanpura Masaurhi Cluster, Masaurhi, Patna District (Bihar, India) with academic, admission, result, fees, facilities contact, board name, teacher, phone number, city, village and town Details. Lookup primary, secondary, high, public schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards near me by school directory.

List of Schools in M.S. Khanpura Masaurhi Cluster

1 Anauli - (P.S.) Primary School, Anauli School
2 Bhagwanganj - N.P.S. Kailashnagar School
3 Ibrahimpur - U.M.S. Ibrahimpur School
4 Jahidpur - (P.S.) Primary School, Jahidpur School
5 Khainiya - U.M.S. Khainiya Chak School
6 Khanpura - (P.S.) Primary School, Khanpura Jh. Jh. School
7 Khanpura - (P.S.) Primary School, Khanpura School
8 Khanpura - M.S. Khanpura School
9 Nadauna - (P.S.) Primary School, Kadirchak School
List of Cluster in Masaurhi Blocks (Tehsil)
Abhyas M.S. Masaurhi M.S. Chata Masaurhi
M.S. Debaria H.S. Npura Mas M.S. Gurupatichak Masaurhi
M.S. Hansa Dih M.S. Islampur Masaurhi
M.S. Khanpura Masaurhi M.S. Nadaul Masaurhi
M.S. Poawan M.S. Saguni Masaurhi
M.S. Samstichak M.S. Tineri Masaurhi
M.S. Usmanchak Masaurhi Masaurhi
Sanskrit M.S. Masaurhi
Area Types of Masaurhi Bay Blocks (Tehsil)
Cluster Rural Area
Urban Area
Popular Schools
1 Ghs Doraha School
2 Ma Jai Devi M.S School Barawah, Barwah
3 Pra. Shala Borlai No. 2 School
4 Vivekananda Lps Ucha School
5 Govt. Primary School, Salempur
6 Ghps Tore Shetta Hally, Thoreshattyhally School
7 Govt. Middle School (Ssa) Rainutola, Rainu Tola
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If you are looking for more details regarding exam schedule, fees, result, application form, syllabus and admission process, kindly contact the concerned department of the school.

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