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Govt. High Secondary School, Dhadhota, Nagaur, Rajasthan | Schools Review, Admissions, Fees, Academics & Facilities Details

Govt. high secondary school, dhadhota - located in rural area of parbatsar block (tehsil). the location of school is dhadhota in nagaur district, rajasthan. Pin code of dhadhota is 341512.

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About Govt. High Secondary School, Dhadhota, Parbatsar

Name Govt. High Secondary School, Dhadhota
Category Primary with Upper Primary and Secondary and Higher Secondary
Establishment 1955
Location Dhadhota
Pin Code 341512
School Area Rural
Cluster Dhadhota (Gups Madhwa Dhadhota)
Block Parbatsar
District Nagaur
State Rajasthan
Academics and Admissions Details
Medium(s) of Instruction Hindi
School Type Co-educational (Co-ed)
Board for Class 10th Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (RBSE)
Board for Class 12th Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (RBSE)
Classes Start From Class 1
Highest Class Class 12
Pre-Primary Section Not Available
Rating (Review) 6.7/10
Management of the School
Management Department of Education
Is School Residential No
Residential Type Not Applicable
School Shifted to New Place No
Principle Name Sharda Verma
Head Teachers 0 to 5
Pre Primary Teachers 0 to 5
Midday Meal Provided and Prepared in School Premises
Male Teachers 0 to 10
Female Teacher 0 to 10
Contract Teachers 0 to 10
Total Teachers 8 Approx.
Infrastructure and Facilities Info
Library Accessible
Books in Library 500 to 1000
Computer Aided Learning No
Computers Computer Lab not Available
Building Government
Electricity Not Available
Class Rooms 0 to 10
Boys Toilet 0 to 2
Girls Toilet 0 to 2
Wall Pucca
Playground Available
Drinking Water None
Disabled Friendly Ramps Yes
Contact Information
Address Dhadhota - Govt. High Secondary School, Parbatsar, Nagaur, Rajasthan. PIN CODE - 341512
Nearby Post Offices Bagot, Banwal, Barev, Bhakhari, Bhawani Gaon, Dhadhota, Dhonkaliya, Dhunthiyan, Gangawa, Gingoli, Hiran Khuri, Khakharki, Khanpur, Khokhar, Kinsariya, Mandowari, Mayapur, Parbatsar, Peeplad, Rabariya,
Nearby Other Location
Bhadsiya (Ggups Bhadsiya) Bhadwa (Gups Gujro. Ki Dhani Bha.)
Kundri (Gups Mindkiya Kundry) Peelwa (Gups Peelwa)
Taparwara (Gups Nimbola) Peeh (Ggups Peeh)
Bidiyad (Ggups Bidyad) Kinsariya Gups Narwa
Goolar (Gups Jagdishpura) Bajwas (Ggups Bajwas)
Bhakri Molas (Ggups Bhakri) Barev (Gups Bhawanigaw Barev)
Chitai (Gups Madhuram Ki Dhani) Beenthwaliya (Gups Antroli Sanga)
Janjila (Ggups Janjeela) Jawla (Gups Kheri Kiwasi)
Netiyas (Gups Sitawat Netiyas) Manglana (Gups Kalkala Ki Dhani)
Gangwa (Gups Dildhani Gangwa) Neniya (Gups Getaji Ki Dh. Nainiya)
Mayapur (Gups Charn. Mayapur) Rabdiyad (Gups Mundota)
Rid (Gups Kuliyana) Khokhar (Gups Adani)
Badu (Gups Amliyio Ki Dhanibadu) Harnava Patti (Gups Gadhi)
Kaletda (Gups Kundiyas Kaletda) Rohindi (Gups Malas)
Bassi (Gups Banser) Peeplad (Ggups Peeplad)
Np Pbc (Gups Parbatsar No 1) Bagot (Gups Dhundhiya)
Kurada (Ggups Kurada) Jhalra (Gups Sanchore Jhalara)
Runija (Gups Dela Ki Dhani Roonija) Dhadhota (Gups Madhwa Dhadhota)

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