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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest West Asian Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute west asian baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest west asian, muslim, arabic baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z West Asian Baby Boy Names List

West Asian Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Neeladri Its a mountain range particula... Boy
Wael A Form of Wales|Rescue, seekin... Boy
Or Light|Residing at the edge of ... Boy
Lochesh Whisper... Boy
Lennard Bold like a lion|Brave as a Li... Boy
Mendel Comforter|Comforter, One who c... Boy
Nomit Nominate for Particular Work|T... Boy
Mariraj A World King|One who is the ki... Boy
Jerrick A Combination of Jerry + Derri... Boy
Eri Blessed Prize|My city|a poetic... Unisex
Gabriele A Form of Gabrielle|Angel, Mes... Unisex
Manivel A spear or a sword made of gem... Boy
Kouichi The name means Happiness, One... Boy
Naveenjot Novel Light|The pleasant light... Unisex
Izaiah God Is My Salvation|Salvation ... Boy
Nandeesh Lord Shiva's Vehicle|The Lord ... Boy
Yado Name of a Kurdish leader... Boy
Miroslava Great, Glory, Great|The person... Unisex
Namid A bright dancer, who dance wel... Unisex
Leofsige The one that gladly agreeas... Boy
Oxnaford From the ox ford|One who came ... Boy
Dutch A father of many|From Germany|... Boy
Kushad Kushad means The one who haw a... Boy
Navrang Beautiful|Beautiful, Colorful|... Boy
Betel house of God... Boy
Elu Beautiful|Seven; Exulted One|f... Unisex
Pasqual Catalan form of Spanish name P... Boy
Mailbrigit A pretty and exalted one... Boy
Manibabu A precious stone, gem or jewel... Boy
Ender Very Rare|in Turkish language ... Boy
Beatrice Blesses|Bringer of Joy|Feminin... Unisex
Gurgen Gotten from Middle Persian gur... Boy
Lanford Long river crossing, Long ford... Boy
Yehochanan God is Gracious|Yahweh is comp... Boy
Nakesha A Form of Nakeisha|The Lord of... Unisex
Orvel The golden shining person... Boy
Narendar The Lords of Men|The leader of... Boy
Octavious One of the most dangerous crea... Boy
Kinsteon Kinsteon means The Place of A ... Boy
Kirti Kumar Famous|Means Famous... Boy
Diyako Another name for Deioces|Deioc... Boy
Kooper Kooper means Barrel Maker... Boy
Rubi A Form of Ruby|One who is like... Unisex
Milburn Mill stream|Millstream. From t... Unisex
Naganan The snake's child, or born of ... Boy
Nandna A baby girl or a daughter|Daug... Unisex
Leonides Lion|Lion's Son|Who is like a ... Boy
Osuuoldus A happy-go-lucky and gorgeous ... Boy
Nanjayyan God Sivan|One who is protected... Boy
Meghanada Thunder|Who is like a Thunder ... Boy
Manipal A place name, one who is from ... Boy
Elior God who shows mercy and is my ... Boy
Kioshi The name means Silent|quiet... Boy
Avarair from Avarair... Boy
Nakarasan A practical individual; materi... Boy
Mokshgna Lord Shiva|The salvation fire,... Boy
Nicko God of Success... Boy
Oratilwe The dearest and darling one... Unisex
Massie A surname derived from teh cla... Unisex
Aitan Fights of possession|Hebrew - ... Boy
Elhanan God Is Gracious|God is very go... Boy
Jaina A Form of Janae|Ganga River; T... Unisex
Sarikh The one who redresses grievanc... Boy
Qayin Lance, Spear... Boy
Lado Short form of Vladimir, meanin... Boy
Mahandev The Highest God|To love the Hi... Boy
Kristof Christ Bearer|Form of Christop... Boy
Kojo Born on Monday|Kojo means Born... Boy
Jesaja Hebrew - Yahweh is Salvation; ... Boy
Zurl -Not Available-... Boy
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