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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Welsh Baby Names Starting with R with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute welsh baby names starting with r with meaning. Get modern and latest wales, christian baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Welsh Baby Names Beginning with R

Name Meaning Gender
Rathtyen Legendary daughter of Clememyl... Girl
Reanan Welsh - Great Queen; A variati... Girl
Reanna An Alternate Form of Raine|Ger... Girl
Reanne A woman who makes a great Quee... Girl
Reannon Great queen... Girl
Reece A man full of enthusiasm, a fi... Unisex
Rees A Boy with a fiery personality... Boy
Reese An intense, fiery person|Arden... Unisex
Ren Means Lotus|Raven|Reborn... Unisex
Renfrew Dwells near the still river|fr... Boy
Rhain Welsh - A spear... Boy
Rhamantus Romantic... Girl
Rhan Fate... Girl
Rhawn Coarse long hair... Girl
Rhedyn A plant, fern|Fern... Girl
Rheged Legendary father of Gwres|Powe... Boy
Rheinallt A ruling advice|Wise ruler... Boy
Rhett Advice|Enthusiastic|Form of Rh... Unisex
Rhiagad A great, respected King... Boy
Rhiain A young girl, a maiden|Maiden... Girl
Rhiamon witch... Girl
Rhian A woman who makes a great Quee... Girl
Rhiane One who is an outstanding Quee... Girl
Rhiannon Celtic - Descendant of Rian; W... Unisex
Rhianon Great queen... Girl
Rhianu Maiden|Welsh - Maiden; Fair Ma... Girl
Rhianwen A beutiful, comely maiden|Come... Girl
Rhianwyn Comely maiden... Girl
Rhianydd Welsh - Maiden; Fair Maiden|We... Girl
Rhinffrew Dwells near the still river... Boy
Rhioganedd Legendary a prince of Ireland... Boy
Rhiryd A repulsive, repeling ruler... Boy
Rhisiart Powerful and brave|Welsh form ... Boy
Rhiwallon The one who is the most kingly... Boy
Rhobert Famous|Welsh form of Robert 'b... Boy
Rhodri Germanic - Famously Powerful; ... Boy
Rhona Old English - Fame; Friend; Sp... Girl
Rhonwen A fair, slender, slim woman|Bl... Girl
Rhoswen A blessed, beautiful, pure ros... Girl
Rhosyn Latin - Rose|Rose... Girl
Rhun Legendary son of Beli|Welsh - ... Boy
Rhuvawn Legendary son of Deorthach... Boy
Rhyan A Queen who is like the Goddes... Girl
Rhyawdd Legendary son of Morgant... Boy
Rhychdir From the plow land... Boy
Rhyd From the ford... Boy
Rhydderch One who is of the reddish brow... Boy
Rhydian The crimson, reddish colour... Boy
Rhyhawd A person of crimson colour... Boy
Rhylee One who dwelles near the field... Girl
Rhylen One who lives on the rye field... Girl
Rhys A reckless, careless person|Ar... Unisex
Rhywallon One who is the ruler and a kin... Boy
Riannon A skillful, great Queen|Great ... Girl
Rice Ardent|Enthusiastic|Rain... Boy
Riece An ethusiastic woman... Girl
Riguallaun The most kingly among all men... Boy
Ris A person who loves to spend ti... Boy
Robers A renown and glowing man... Boy
Robyn Bright fame|Famous|Feminine fo... Unisex
Rolant Famous land... Boy
Romney Dwells near the curving river|... Boy
Ronda Grand|Running river, Noisy|Wel... Unisex
Ronee A grand, big person... Girl
Rooney A Boy with red, ginger hair|Re... Boy
Rowena Famous Friend|Holy Lance, Joy|... Girl
Rowenna A fair and slender dame... Girl
Rumenea Dwells near the curving river... Boy
Ryn A person who is a Ruler|Ruler... Boy
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