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HIndu Nakshatra Rashi Dhanu / Sagittarius Kanya / Virgo Karka / Cancer Kumbha / Aquarius Makara / Capricorn Meena / Pisces Mesha / Aries Mithuna / Gemini Simha / Leo Tula / Libra Vrishabha / Taurus Vrishchika / Scorpio
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Unique, Cute, Latest & Modern Taurus / Vrishchika Rashi Baby Girl Names Starting with N with Meaning

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Religion Country
Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

Vrishchika Rashi Baby Names Start with
N, Y
Boynames Start with Girlnames Start with Unisexnames Start with
N, Y N, Y N, Y
Vrishchika Rashi Boy Names Vrishchika Rashi Girl Names Vrishchika Rashi Unisex Names

Vrishchika Rashi Baby Girl Names Beginning with N

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute vrishchika rashi baby girl names starting with n with meaning. Get modern, latest taurus baby girl names as per astrology and zodiac sign which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Naabhi An Ancient King; Centre of Bod... Unisex
Naadavalli Name of a Raga... Girl
Naadha Sound... Girl
Naagadhvani Name of a Raga... Girl
Naagavalli The betel leaf... Girl
Naagbaalaa Girl with a Snake; Sweet... Girl
Naakaiah A virtuous, pure, a faithful p... Unisex
Naal A well-known birth that is hig... Unisex
Naamagal Magnificent Poetess, Orator|Ma... Girl
Naandhi A shout of joy, rejoicing... Girl
Naarayani Belonging to Narayan; Another ... Girl
Naari Woman... Girl
Naatika A play, with dancers and actor... Girl
Naatya Dance|Dance; Love... Unisex
Naavah Beautiful|The person who has p... Unisex
Naavarasi Magnificent Poetess, Orator|Ma... Girl
Naavya One who is youthful|Worth Prai... Girl
Naayantara Star of Our Eyes|The shining s... Unisex
Naaz Delicacy; Pride|Glory, Pride, ... Unisex
Nabah Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Nabaneeta Fresh butter; Gentle; Soft; Al... Girl
Nabanipa A New Flower|Resembles very fr... Unisex
Nabanita A New Life|The new faith or th... Girl
Nabeela Noble|Noble, Honorable|Noble; ... Girl
Nabha Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Nabhanipa A New Flower... Girl
Nabhanya Celestial|Celestial; Ethereal... Girl
Nabhasi Celestial... Girl
Nabhasindhu River of the sky, Lightning, T... Girl
Nabhasvati Born of the sky, Lighting, Thu... Girl
Nabhi Central|Central; An Ancient Ki... Unisex
Nabhita Fearless... Unisex
Nabhitha Fearless... Girl
Nabhya Central|Centre of body, An anc... Unisex
Nachini Liked one... Girl
Nachiyar -Not Available-... Girl
Nachni Dancer, Suggestive Look|Dancer... Unisex
Nada Dew; Generosity; Liberality|Ge... Girl
Nadanam Beautiful Dance|Beautiful Danc... Girl
Nadanamangai Beautiful Dancer|Beautiful Dan... Girl
Nadanamani Beautiful Dancer|Beautiful Dan... Girl
Nadantika Reed Destroying... Girl
Nadatarangini Name of a Raga... Girl
Nadeeka Creative... Girl
Nadeen A Form of Nadia|Hope|Hopeful... Unisex
Nadesha She who was born of a river... Girl
Nadharanjani Name of a Raga... Girl
Nadhinee River... Girl
Nadhiya Simple; Soft... Girl
Nadia Beginning|Beginning, First|Cal... Unisex
Nadiahope A hopeful promise to others... Unisex
Nadin Lord of Rivers|Lord of rivers;... Unisex
Nadira Dear, Rare, Precious, Pinnacle... Unisex
Nadiya Black|Hope; Generous|The begin... Girl
Nadja 'Hope|A Form of Nadia|Hope... Girl
Nadni -Not Available-... Girl
Nadra One who is precious, rare|Radi... Unisex
Nadvala A quantity of needs... Girl
Nadwa Council|Council, Generosity|Co... Unisex
Nafrin Accessible, manageable, adapta... Girl

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Rashi Name Starting Letter
Dhanu / Sagittarius Bh, F, Dh
Kanya / Virgo P, Tthh
Karka / Cancer Dd, H
Kumbha / Aquarius G, S, Sh
Makara / Capricorn Kh, J
Meena / Pisces D, Ch, Z, Th
Mesha / Aries A, L, E, I, O
Mithuna / Gemini K, Chh, Gh, Q, C
Simha / Leo M, Tt
Tula / Libra R, T
Vrishchika / Scorpio N, Y
Vrishabha / Taurus B, V, U, W

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