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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Urdu Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Urdu Baby Girl Names List

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Urdu Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute urdu baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest islamic, pakistani, muslim, islamic baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Nazma A star; In the middle of a gro... Girl
Farheen A joyous and jubilant person|H... Unisex
Khitfa Erroneous; Forgetful|Erroneus,... Unisex
Nabawiya Prophetic|The person who is fa... Girl
Aabroo Prestige... Girl
Taaqul Clever thought|Wise thought... Unisex
Naifna'il One who acquire or earn... Girl
Nahleejah A cool-tempered person, down t... Girl
Shaffan A woman cool as a morning bree... Girl
Shafaq A virtuous woman on integrity|... Girl
Nazrat One who is of great pride|Prid... Unisex
Nazaakat The delicacy or the tenderness... Unisex
Sufiya He who is a mystic|Pious, Reli... Unisex
Samshad A tree that is logn and beutif... Unisex
Rudainah A very old Arabic name for a g... Girl
Nabawia The person who is foretelling ... Girl
Naznin The most charming lady... Girl
Guriat Guriat is an unisex name of Ur... Unisex
Nafia A person who benefits others|B... Girl
Nazmin Light|The delicate girl, a bea... Girl
Nazarha A Sight|A sight or a vision of... Unisex
Nazm A poem in context of a particu... Girl
Fariishta Angel|One who is well-mannered... Girl
Nazgul A beautiful or a delicate flow... Girl
Nazreen The one who is watching of the... Girl
Rozinah Daily wages; Pension; Reward|O... Girl
Nazneen Beautiful|Beautiful. Glorious|... Unisex
Nirmesh Created|Honeyed and sweet smel... Unisex
Nowa Bight and powerful nimble|Ligh... Girl
Shadmani A feeling of joy|Joy, Happines... Girl
Naaz Delicacy; Pride|Glory, Pride, ... Unisex
Thufailah A woman who has respect for th... Girl
Nazneem An exquisitely beautiful girl... Girl
Nazz The delicacy, charm or the pri... Girl
Shahamat A woman of great bravery and v... Girl
Qabila A woman who is smart and able|... Girl
Shernaz Someone who is just and righte... Unisex
Nirmeet Created|Energetic water which ... Unisex
Nazara Bloom, Beauty|Bloom; Beauty|Th... Unisex
Namazzi One who pray 5 times a day acc... Unisex
Shahada Bearing Witness|She who is a w... Girl
Thubaytah Name of the daughter of Yaar b... Girl
Nazpari A queen of ancient Persia|The ... Girl
Aabida This can be the female case of... Girl
Emran Progress Achievement|Progress,... Unisex
Nu'aymah Name of a narrator of hadith|T... Girl
Nazmiya The melodious poem... Girl
Nagheen A gem-stone, stone on the ring... Girl
Shadhiyah An aromatic smell|Aromatic... Girl
Qabool Accepted|Accepted; Accredited|... Unisex
Nazuk A tender or a delicate person|... Girl
Nazer One who warns; Bright; Radiant... Unisex
Haseen Beautiful|Beautiful, Handsome,... Unisex
Aabis Lucky|aabis has the meaning of... Unisex
Nahiya An advisor, one who gives advi... Unisex
Nahiza A raised person, at high rank|... Girl
Misaal An example, one who is compare... Unisex
Nashmia A garden of flowers|Garden of ... Girl
Nazmil Like a beautiful poem... Girl
Sadeeqa A woman who is both a friend a... Girl
Nafay One who gets profit|The one wh... Girl
Nohreen One who is glittering brightly... Girl
Encarna Incarnation of Christ|this nam... Unisex
Nazakat Delicacy|Delicacy, Subtlety|Th... Unisex
Nakhat Fragrance|Perfume or scent or ... Girl
Nazmi Arranger, Organizer|Arranger; ... Unisex

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