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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Baby Unisex Names Starting with O with Meaning

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Baby Unisex Names Beginning with O

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute baby unisex names starting with o with meaning. Get modern and latest baby unisex names as per country, religion, origin, language and astrology which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Oakleigh South Indian variant of Mohand... Unisex
Oasis Desert|One who merged into Lor... Unisex
Obedience One who is trustworthy, One wh... Unisex
Och Sparkle|The sparkle of the lov... Unisex
Octavia Born eighth|Eighth|Female vari... Unisex
October A King or a ruler who assists ... Unisex
Odaka Apple Flavour... Unisex
Odaniya Anklet|Anklet; A decorative je... Unisex
Odell Ode, Melody|Of the valley|Otte... Unisex
Odharnait Pale... Unisex
Ofeibea A good communicator who is app... Unisex
Oghenebrume God decided in my favor... Unisex
Oghenegaren God is great... Unisex
Oghenemine I look up to God... Unisex
Oghenetega God is worship worthy... Unisex
Oghonoro Respect is greater than money... Unisex
Oglesby Not widely known, especially v... Unisex
Ohiyo Lovely eyes that induce magnet... Unisex
Oighrig New Speckled One|Well spoken... Unisex
Ojanomare I have met the challenge... Unisex
Ojasvi Brave|Bright|Name of a Son of ... Unisex
Okal English short form of a Greek ... Unisex
Okeley A spelling variation of the Ne... Unisex
Okes A willingly strong spirit and ... Unisex
Ola A pleasant bright shining ligh... Unisex
Olajuwan The exaltation of the triumph... Unisex
Olcay Champion, conqueror, leader, v... Unisex
Olee The remaining of the ancestors... Unisex
Oli Courageous|Elf Army; Courageou... Unisex
Oliver 'As You Like It' Son of Sir Ro... Unisex
Olly ELF military or olive tree lik... Unisex
Olubayo Greatest joy|Rejoicing... Unisex
Olusola God has blessed me... Unisex
Oluwatoke God is worthy to be adored... Unisex
Oma Affectionate Nickname for a Gr... Unisex
Omega Last Letter of the Greek Alpha... Unisex
Omid Hope|The one whose expectation... Unisex
Omna Pious; Pure|Pious; Pure; Sacre... Unisex
Omont Who belongs to the lands of mo... Unisex
On The number one, first number|V... Unisex
Onesiphorus Profitable, Useful, Beneficial... Unisex
Onkarjit Triumph of God's name; Triumph... Unisex
Ons A delicate touch, removal or f... Unisex
Onyx Dark stone or dusky gem stone... Unisex
Ophelia Help|Helper|Helper; Serpentine... Unisex
Ora Beautiful seacoast|Gold|Light... Unisex
Oratilwe The dearest and darling one... Unisex
Oriel Bird|Compound of 'fire' and 's... Unisex
Oriole The one who supervises over|fa... Unisex
Orit Free of noise or uproar or mak... Unisex
Orleans 'King Henry V' Duke of Orleans... Unisex
Orly A light for me, I have a light... Unisex
Orville From the gold town|Gold Town|G... Unisex
Oshee Divine|The one who is making s... Unisex
Oslafa An ambitious, courageous and s... Unisex
Osvaldo God Power/Rule|God power|God r... Unisex
Otis A wealthy person who is keen o... Unisex
Ottokar A person who is like a beautif... Unisex
Outacite Another name for a man-killer... Unisex
Ovi A holy message of a Marathi sa... Unisex
Oxide A compound of oxygen... Unisex
Oz A brave and famous person who ... Unisex

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WebConte provide list of A to Z Baby Names with Significant Meaning, Numerology, Zodiac Sign (Rashi) and which are Unique, Cute, Modern, Latest, Popular, Cool, Trendy, Religious, Traditional Lovely, Ancient and Perfect Name for your Newborn Baby.

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