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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Baby Unisex Names Starting with J with Meaning

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Baby Unisex Names Beginning with J

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute baby unisex names starting with j with meaning. Get modern and latest baby unisex names as per country, religion, origin, language and astrology which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Ja Name that means 'Me'|attractio... Unisex
Jaan Beloved; Life; Sing|God is Gra... Unisex
Jaasau Doing; my doing|They will do|T... Unisex
Jabez Born In Pain|God Will Increase... Unisex
Jace God is my salvation|Moon-var.o... Unisex
Jaci Based on the initials J. C. or... Unisex
Jackie A woman protected by God|Dimin... Unisex
Jaclyn A Short Form of Jacqueline|Abb... Unisex
Jacquelin A Form of Jacqueline|French fo... Unisex
Jacy A Combination of Initials J. +... Unisex
Jaddi Family... Unisex
Jaden God has Heard|Hebrew - Thankfu... Unisex
Jadyn God has heard|Hebrew - Thankfu... Unisex
Jae A Form of Jay|Feminine variant... Unisex
Jael Chamois, Ibex, , Mountain Goat... Unisex
Jaetyn A modern created name, a graci... Unisex
Jagadamba Mother of The Universe|Mother ... Unisex
Jaganathan Gift of god... Unisex
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; C... Unisex
Jagati Bestowed With Speed|Of the Uni... Unisex
Jagrati Awakening|Awakening, Vigilance... Unisex
Jagruti Awakening|Awakening, Vigilance... Unisex
Jahaan Land|Man of the world|She is t... Unisex
Jahmyyllah Beautiful one|He is good-looki... Unisex
Jaicee Based on the initials J. C. or... Unisex
Jaide Goodness|One who is like a gre... Unisex
Jaila A Form of Jael|Hebrew - Mounta... Unisex
Jaiman The man who is a victor|Victor... Unisex
Jaimi A Form of Jaime|One who is an ... Unisex
Jaimini An Ancient Philosopher|An Anci... Unisex
Jaipreet Loard of Uganda|The Victory of... Unisex
Jaishna Clarity|Clarity; Quality of be... Unisex
Jaitashri Name of A Music Raaga|Name of ... Unisex
Jakim One who is established by God|... Unisex
Jala Clarity, Elucidation|Clarity; ... Unisex
Jaladhara Ocean|Sanskrit name meaning Oc... Unisex
Jalaj It means, 'Lotus flower'|Lotus... Unisex
Jalasa Celebration|Celebration; Water... Unisex
Jalen A Combination of The Prefix Ja... Unisex
Jam A hand- some man|A sweet condi... Unisex
Jamar A Form of Jamal|A beautiful ma... Unisex
Jameel A handsome man|Beautiful|Beaut... Unisex
Jamell Arabic name describing beauty|... Unisex
Jamey A Form of Jami|Diminutive of J... Unisex
Jamilah A lovely girl|Beautiful|Beauti... Unisex
Jamille Beautiful|Elegant and good loo... Unisex
Jammie A Form of Jami|He who supplant... Unisex
Jamy 'King Henry V' Officer in the ... Unisex
Janaan A beloved one|Heart Or Soul|He... Unisex
Janaki Daughter of King Janak (sita)|... Unisex
Janam A birth|Birth|Birth, Life... Unisex
Janapriya Beloved One|One who Loved by t... Unisex
Janee A Form of Janae|God has shown ... Unisex
Janelle A Form of Jane|God Is Gracious... Unisex
Janesha A Form of Janessa|A Form ofJan... Unisex
Jangpartap Valorous warrior... Unisex
Janic Bretons form of John, meaning ... Unisex
Janika God is Gracious|Mother|Slavic ... Unisex
Janis A Form of Janice|God has been ... Unisex
Janki Goddess Sita|Goddess Sita, Dau... Unisex
Jannat A garden of Heaven|Heaven|Heav... Unisex
Jannis Nordic name meaning God's grac... Unisex
Janu A force of life|Cute|Soul, Lif... Unisex
Janya Born|Life|Life; Born; Lovable;... Unisex
Japeen Indian name for Boys|Spiritual... Unisex
Japnail A military man, general|Genera... Unisex
Jaren A Form of Jaron|He will sing|M... Unisex
Jarod Descendant|Descent|The beautif... Unisex
Jarret A Form of Jarrett|A strong spe... Unisex
Jarvis Old English- Spear; With Honor... Unisex

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Baby Unisex Names Starting with

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