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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Baby Unisex Names List

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Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest baby unisex names as per country, religion, origin, language and astrology which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Noman Domination or authority or com... Unisex
Rupinder A woman who is extremly beauti... Unisex
Sarvaka Complete; Universal|all, whole... Unisex
Nirvan A recent beginner|Liberation|L... Unisex
Elilmani Beautiful Gem|Handsome See Eli... Unisex
Kailyn A Form of Kaitlyn|Girl|Slender... Unisex
Nirvikara Child was delivered on Christm... Unisex
Tapi A Name of River; Warm|Name of ... Unisex
Bunty From the rhyme about the baby ... Unisex
Laman A bright and happy man|Shine, ... Unisex
Ishmerai God Takes Care|Keeper|Keeper, ... Unisex
Izzy A Familiar Form of Isaac|Gift ... Unisex
Leni Person who is devoted to God|T... Unisex
Narika Lord of Man... Unisex
Chahat Desire; Love|Liking|Love... Unisex
Uttara A Star|A star, or north direct... Unisex
Abhijata The one who was born in a very... Unisex
Padmini Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus Pond... Unisex
Ember A Form of Amber|A low- burning... Unisex
Kaushiki Durga, Enveloped With Silk|Dur... Unisex
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star|Beau... Unisex
Jagadamba Mother of The Universe|Mother ... Unisex
Sartaj Crown|Crown of Head, The Maste... Unisex
Sumantra Friend of King Dasarath|Well C... Unisex
Indumathi Full Moon; The person with kno... Unisex
Gimle New heaven... Unisex
Vino Sweet; Wine|Wine... Unisex
Anuroop Beautiful; Pleasing; Appealing... Unisex
Harmehar God'S Grace; Blessing or Favou... Unisex
Samin One who is self disciplined|Pr... Unisex
Nisha A Form of Niesha, Nissa|Bold a... Unisex
Aric Eternal ruler|Ever ruler|Form ... Unisex
Balvinder God of force; Strong|Powerful,... Unisex
Rishu Cute|Great; Powerful; Wise|One... Unisex
Hanna Compassion; Sympathy; Pity|Con... Unisex
Basil A saint and prominent scholar ... Unisex
Pero Disabled, Lame|Mother of Asopu... Unisex
Imani A Short Form of Immanuel|Belie... Unisex
Kye A place-name referring to the ... Unisex
Vimala Pure|Pure, Clean|Pure, clean, ... Unisex
Tamiloli Brilliant|Tamil Light... Unisex
Chandini A River; Star; Moon Light; Moo... Unisex
Nitara A Star; Deep Rooted|Deep Roote... Unisex
Shamshad A tree that looks like a pine|... Unisex
Vaibhav Great; Glory; Wealth|One who i... Unisex
Alma A young woman, Damsel|All Good... Unisex
Pich Diamond... Unisex
Kumkum Cosmetic|Kumkum means Vermilio... Unisex
Namuchi A permanent one, a demon slain... Unisex
Palash A Flowering|A flowery tree; Gr... Unisex
Yashodhara Bearer of fame or glory|Glory|... Unisex
Hemma Golden, beautiful|Homeland, Ho... Unisex
Manvi Girl with humanity, One who po... Unisex
Ikshu A Malayali word for sugarcane|... Unisex
Madhavi A Creeper With Beautiful Flowe... Unisex
Emilio Flattering|Industrious|Industr... Unisex
Ekene The one who recieves a lot of ... Unisex
Jyoti Flame|Flame, Lamp|Flame, Light... Unisex
Nabah Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Anani A cloud, prophecy, divination|... Unisex
Kanchan Gold|Gold; Shining and Bright|... Unisex
Juliusz Soft Bearded, Youth|they do va... Unisex
Nina Beautiful Eyes|Coral, Pearl, G... Unisex
Rocco Battle Cry,rest|One who rests|... Unisex
Ramavina Lord Rama... Unisex
Gaile Lively|My father is happy and ... Unisex
Hemavala A girly name with lost meaning... Unisex
Bhaanu Sun|The Sun; Brilliant; Virtuo... Unisex
Mukhtar Authorised; Preferred Selected... Unisex
Gwynn Fair; blessed|Handsome. Son of... Unisex
Karina A pure; Innocent; Female frien... Unisex
Nayanmani the Gem of the eyes... Unisex
Keir A surname used occasionally as... Unisex
Ito thread... Unisex
Chane Dependable|Name of A God, Depe... Unisex
Yas A Flower; Jasmine|Jasmine|Snow... Unisex
Almas A Diamond|A Diamond; Brightnes... Unisex
Jayamma Mother is God|Praise to the lo... Unisex
Duvvoori One who is devoted towards alm... Unisex
Daksina Donation made|Goddess Durga|Ri... Unisex
Tandava One who dances the cosmic danc... Unisex
Trent Dwells near the rapid stream|G... Unisex
Shams A Planet; With Faith; Fragranc... Unisex
Rodrick A person who is notable for hi... Unisex
Pirro Flaming Hair; Red Haired|Flami... Unisex
Dagmar A mother|Day|Day maid... Unisex
Tikkate First... Unisex
Ravan King of Lanka, Ravana is a cha... Unisex
Gaurika A Young Girl|A young girl; Fai... Unisex
Kegan Descendant of The Fiery One|Li... Unisex
Kermit Free Man; Without Envy|Freeman... Unisex
Phalguni Born In Falgun - A Hindu Month... Unisex
Brian A noble man from the hills|Bro... Unisex
Tani Born on Monday|Valley; Sweethe... Unisex
Dava Beloved davan - beloved one|Ve... Unisex
Robin 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' P... Unisex
Oriel Bird|Compound of 'fire' and 's... Unisex
Albert Bright Nobility|Bright or nobl... Unisex
Bhagabhai A Lord; has the power of a tig... Unisex
Winter Born in the winter|The Season|... Unisex

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A Name is a term used for identification. They can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A Human name identifies, not necessarily uniquely like digital code but meaning important because its make you unique or its connect to your Country, Origin, Language, Ancestry, History, Society, Culture, Nation, Ethnicity, Religion and Race.

WebConte provide list of A to Z Baby Names with Significant Meaning, Numerology, Zodiac Sign (Rashi) and which are Unique, Cute, Modern, Latest, Popular, Cool, Trendy, Religious, Traditional Lovely, Ancient and Perfect Name for your Newborn Baby.

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