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Unique, Cute, Latest & Modern Libra / Tula Rashi Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute tula rashi baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern, latest libra baby unisex names as per astrology and zodiac sign which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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Tula Rashi Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Tanul One who expands or makes progr... Unisex
Trigya Lord Buddha|Lord Buddha; Omnis... Unisex
Ramita A pleasing woman|Loved|Pleasin... Unisex
Rithu Season; Period... Unisex
Terra Earth|From the earth, in mytho... Unisex
Roopam A female who is beautiful|Beau... Unisex
Taravati Having Stars|Surrounded by sta... Unisex
Tuli A variation of Naphtali, Wrest... Unisex
Rashpal All Loving; Purity; Love sweet... Unisex
Ratandeep Precious Like God's Lamp|Preci... Unisex
Rimon Name of a Fruit (Anaar); Pomeg... Unisex
Tamra A spice or palm tree|Copper|Co... Unisex
Taspandra Young Girl... Unisex
Rituparan Joyous|Way of Life... Unisex
Tirtharaji Lord Shiva... Unisex
Tatleen Absorbed in the Ultimate Truth... Unisex
Rochana Beautiful Woman; Blossom of th... Unisex
Rema A deeply loving and sensitive ... Unisex
Rijak Earning; Tradition; Way|Tradit... Unisex
Taya A Short Form of Taylor|Form of... Unisex
Rohaan A River In Paradise|A river in... Unisex
Roman A Roman|From Rome|Roman... Unisex
Tamar A name that means date palm tr... Unisex
Tansu Long Life|Water of the dawn|de... Unisex
Raksha Protection|The Moon, Protectio... Unisex
Rukmi A name of Lord Krishna|Brother... Unisex
Ruka Bright Blue Flower; Spiritual|... Unisex
Ramani A beautiful Girl|Beautiful Gir... Unisex
Reva A Star|One that moves, Quick|O... Unisex
Rakta Beloved|One Who Has Red-colore... Unisex
Roop Goddess Durga; A kind of bird,... Unisex
Tushnika -Not Available-... Unisex
Turi A Painter's Brush; Bear|Bear|O... Unisex
Rujana Goddess Durga... Unisex
Rajasi Full of Passion|Full of Passio... Unisex
Tanava A Musical Instrument of Four S... Unisex
Ritambhara Religious... Unisex
Ramneek Beauteous|Beauteous; Charming;... Unisex
Taan Ability to do something or act... Unisex
Tala Bottom|Bottom; Stalking Wolf; ... Unisex
Tapara Of the Family|Strong... Unisex
Rasjog One who has union with elixir ... Unisex
Ruchira A brifht woman who has great t... Unisex
Rohan A river in paradise; Ascending... Unisex
Rhyah A woman who is the Queen of th... Unisex
Tushti Satisfaction; Contentment|Sati... Unisex
Tarsa A Worshipper of Fire; Also A C... Unisex
Rafat Elevation|Elevation; Elevating... Unisex
Trisha Abbreviation of Patricia: nobl... Unisex
Rounak A Boy who reached fame and glo... Unisex
Turyamaya Full of Spiritual Power... Unisex
Ruksana A gorgeous and lovely persian ... Unisex
Tola A Balance|born in October|pric... Unisex
Tanvir Embodiment of Heroic Strength|... Unisex
Tarunya Young Girl... Unisex
Reenu Amiable and Cooperative|Amiabl... Unisex
Runa A strenght of a man|Secret lor... Unisex
Tejaswi Lustrous|Lustrous; Energetic; ... Unisex
Rimple Gentle Spirit with a Profound ... Unisex
Reti One who is like a sand|Sand... Unisex
Tantrika Ambition|Ecstasy; Engrossed... Unisex
Tejita Radiant... Unisex
Tasneem A Fountain of Paradise|A River... Unisex
Rama A Lofty place|Beautiful|Enchan... Unisex
Tunava A Flute|A Paint Brush|Flute... Unisex
Rutvi Name of an Angel meaning seaso... Unisex
Rihan A nice smell, fragnance, parfu... Unisex
Tamrika A Combination of Tammy + Erika... Unisex
Reet Custom|Custom; Tradition; A va... Unisex
Roja Garden; Meadow; Paradise|Prett... Unisex
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