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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with Y with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute tamil baby girl names starting with y with meaning. Get modern and latest tamil nadu, hindu, south indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Tamil Baby Girl Names Beginning with Y

Name Meaning Gender
Yaalini Melodious|Melodious like that ... Girl
Yaalisai Melodious... Girl
Yaallini Melodious... Girl
Yaalmoli Melodious... Girl
Yaarlini -Not Available-... Girl
Yachana Entreaty, prayer, pleading|Ent... Girl
Yaditasri -Not Available-... Girl
Yadvi -Not Available-... Girl
Yagavi Bright... Girl
Yahavi Bright... Girl
Yaksha A Type of A Demi God|A represe... Unisex
Yakshitha Success; Wonder Girl|Wonder Gi... Girl
Yalini Goddess Saraswati; Melodious|M... Girl
Yalisai Melodious... Girl
Yamika Night... Girl
Yamini Consisting of watches, Night|L... Girl
Yamuna A river commonly called jamuna... Girl
Yamunarani Jamuna River... Girl
Yarlnila Melodious... Girl
Yasha Defends man|Fame|Fame; Success... Unisex
Yashana A Flower... Girl
Yashaswini One Who Is Successful|Reputed|... Girl
Yashawini Successful Lady|Successful lad... Girl
Yashi Fame; Righteous; Good Faith|Fa... Girl
Yashica Success|Success; Successful; I... Girl
Yashika Intelligent; Famous; Successfu... Girl
Yashila Famous|Famous and popular|Famo... Girl
Yashini Sweet; One who Begets Fame... Girl
Yashita Fame|Fame and popularity|Famou... Unisex
Yashna One With Fame|One with Fame; P... Unisex
Yashoda Famous; Foster Mother of Lord ... Girl
Yashodhan One who is rich in fame, famou... Unisex
Yashree Star|Star; Goddess Lakshmi|Vic... Girl
Yashri Greatness; Goodness Lakshmi|Vi... Girl
Yashwini Successful lady; Yash; Victory... Girl
Yashwitha Success... Girl
Yasmeen Gift from God, A ray of light|... Girl
Yasmin Flower; Sweet Smelling; Fragra... Girl
Yasmina A Beautiful Flower That Shines... Girl
Yasmine Flower|Jasmine|Jasmine Flower... Girl
Yasodha Conferring fame and splendour|... Girl
Yaswinyai Goddess Laxmi... Girl
Yathartha Truth... Unisex
Yathi Goddess Durga; One who strives... Unisex
Yathree -Not Available-... Girl
Yatra Journey|Journey; Travel|Sacred... Unisex
Yauvani Full of Youth|Goddess Gayatri|... Girl
Yavana Quick; Swift; Youth; Young; Ha... Unisex
Yavani Quick; Swift... Girl
Yavanika Curtain of Stage|Curtain of th... Girl
Yazhini A beautiful musical instrument... Unisex
Yeshmitha Brightness... Girl
Yeshvantika Beautiful; Cute... Girl
Yochana Thought|Thought; Thinking... Girl
Yogalakshmi Goddess... Girl
Yogeshri God of Goddess Santoshi... Girl
Yogeswari Adept in Yoga... Girl
Yogi A devotee; Ascetic; Meditative... Unisex
Yogini A being endowed with magical p... Unisex
Yogita Bewitched, Enchanted|Enchanted... Girl
Yogitha One who can concentrate or fem... Girl
Yojana A Plan|A unit of measure for l... Girl
Yojna Plan|Planing... Girl
Yoshini One who spreads happiness and ... Girl
Yoshita Lady|Lady, Women, Girl|Lady; W... Girl
Yovani Young Lady... Girl
Yugaa -Not Available-... Girl
Yugitha Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Yuhisha Path to Heven... Girl
Yuktha Absorbed, Attentive|Absorbed; ... Girl
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