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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Tamil Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute tamil baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest tamil nadu, hindu, south indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Tamil Baby Girl Names List

Tamil Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Gajara Garland of Flowers... Girl
Cinthana Always Smiling... Girl
Sridevi Goddess Lakshmi|Goddess Lakshm... Girl
Bimla Pure... Girl
Mathivani -Not Available-... Girl
Aathavi The Sun is the star at the cen... Girl
Kamala Born of a Lotus; Flower; Lotus... Unisex
Divita Divine power|Light; Chamak|Unk... Girl
Jashika Loveable; Life is Beautiful; C... Girl
Nikhila A person who is complete or wh... Unisex
Mathumitha Sweet... Girl
Suvan Incarnation; The Sun; Lord Shi... Unisex
Samiran A gentle breeze|Breeze... Unisex
Juliana Descended from Jupiter (Jove),... Girl
Aswathi A gracoius firehorse|Fire hors... Unisex
Krudhaya -Not Available-... Girl
Deekshitha Dedicative; Initiation; God's ... Girl
Tannishtha Dedicated|Devotion; Dedicated|... Girl
Thenmoli Speaks Sweet Like Honey|Who Sp... Girl
Tanika A Form of Tania|Apsara; Rope|R... Girl
Anuya One who Follows|To follow; Foo... Girl
Kalaimagal Goddess of Arts, Goddess Saras... Girl
Aarati Laxmi|Towards the Highest Love... Girl
Prem Love|Love, Affection|Loving pe... Unisex
Nalina Lotus|Lotus; Pond of Lotuses; ... Unisex
Veda Knowledge|Knowledge, Wisdom|Pi... Unisex
Tambura A Musical Instrument|A musical... Girl
Abhibhava Face Like Moon|Overpowering, P... Unisex
Dhiya Give a Light|In Arabic - Light... Unisex
Sarah Happy; Pure; Princess|In Hebre... Girl
Teertha A holy place; Sacred water; Pl... Unisex
Ramita A pleasing woman|Loved|Pleasin... Unisex
Aninditha Beautiful; Virtuous; Venerated... Girl
Yogini A being endowed with magical p... Unisex
Sahitya Knowledge; Literature|Literatu... Unisex
Simran God's Gift|Gods Favourite; Rem... Unisex
Sinduja Goddess Lakshmi; Born of the o... Girl
Chandrayai -Not Available-... Girl
Vadhana Bright star|Face... Girl
Aabha Desired; Glow; Strength; Sun R... Unisex
Pranavi Aum|Goddess Parvathi|Goddess P... Unisex
Elili A beautiful creature|Beautiful... Girl
Deep A Lamp|A Lamp; Superior to Inf... Unisex
Munira Bright|Bright and shining|Bril... Girl
Januja A daughter|Daughter|Daughter; ... Unisex
Pushpalatha Flower Offering|Flower creeper... Girl
Tharangini Bird... Girl
Aatmika Aathma, Soul... Girl
Naishada Poetry... Girl
Niruban Glittering light|Truth... Unisex
Kadal Kadal means Ocean|Rear; India;... Unisex
Murugalakshmi Genius; Talented... Girl
Puvanasri -Not Available-... Girl
Hemashree One with Golden Body|One with ... Girl
Rachitha Created... Girl
Kalainila The Moon... Girl
Asmi A strong and rock bound person... Unisex
Mayilammal Full of Grace and Beauty like ... Girl
Anvisha Goddess|Goddess; Adored Woman;... Girl
Angeni A powerful and complete spirit... Girl
Aakaksha Desire... Girl
Amaravati Abode of the Eternal|An immort... Girl
Lakshyaa Aim|It means aim or goal... Girl
Ashani Lightening|Lightning|Thunder... Girl
Darshwana Pure of Heart|Pure of Heart; O... Unisex
Nikhita Earth, Ganges|Ecosphere, domai... Unisex
Sakina Calmness, Peace|Calmness, Tran... Girl
Suchitra Beautiful|Beautiful Picture|Ex... Girl
Kilimoli Pleasing Voice|Pleasing Voice;... Girl
Sharani Earth, Protector, Guardian|The... Girl
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Merlion Ahuk Javme
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