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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Spanish Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Spanish Baby Girl Names List

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Spanish Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute spanish baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest spain, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Emiliana Industrious|Rival|this name me... Girl
Dinora A form of Hebrew name Dinah, m... Girl
Paola A Feminine Form of The Name Pa... Unisex
Manda A River|Abbreviation of Amanda... Unisex
Macarena Blessed|The blessed one... Girl
Santiago Named For Saint James|Saint Ja... Unisex
Ascencion Ascension|Little Noble one|Ref... Girl
Jovany God is gracious|They love to t... Unisex
Palba Blond... Girl
Pura In Begining|One with pure, gen... Unisex
Estefany Crown|Crowned|crowned or glory... Unisex
Felisa A lucky and successful lady|Fo... Girl
Guillermina They are sesitive, charming.Th... Girl
Nita Bear|Bear (choctaw)|Grace... Unisex
Mayte Beloved harvester|One who is e... Girl
Chiquita Little Girl|Little gifted girl... Unisex
Bella A diminutive of Isabella. Also... Girl
Blas A Form of Blaze|Firebrand|Stam... Unisex
Candie Bright glowing thing|Bright,sw... Girl
Valencia One who is powerful, strong, f... Unisex
Kasandra A proohetess that is uheeded|D... Girl
Filomena Love Strong|Love Strong, Loved... Girl
Oliveria Affectionate... Girl
Esmerelda Emerald|a feminized Spanish wo... Girl
Deikun Religious Holiday... Girl
Naolin Aztec ancient tribe god of the... Girl
Romana A Roman woman|From Rome|Pomegr... Unisex
Mano An Abbreviation of Manuel God ... Unisex
Marisela A woman who is warlike and agr... Unisex
Fabian 'Twelfth Night', also called '... Unisex
Ynes Chaste|Chaste, Holy|Chaste. Va... Girl
Bautista Baptist|Dipping in water; name... Unisex
Nina Beautiful Eyes|Coral, Pearl, G... Unisex
Moises A kind woman, compassionate fe... Unisex
Elvita Truth|this name means truth... Girl
Aleta 'Truthful.' Mythological godde... Girl
Arama Another name of Virgin Mary|Re... Girl
Alvar An Old English name meaning el... Unisex
Tomasina One of a twin baby girl|Twin|V... Girl
Delmara Of the Sea... Girl
Dorota Gift of God|God's gift|One who... Unisex
Madre Mother|Spanish word for mother... Girl
Adana African - Being the father's d... Girl
Jasone Assumption... Girl
Brissa Beloved|From Briseis The Woman... Girl
Nalleli One that have a set of beautif... Girl
Lonyn Battle-ready, skillful and nob... Unisex
Exaltacion Lifted Up... Girl
Martez From the god mars|Mostly used ... Unisex
Earlena Noble woman|Noblewoman|The nam... Girl
Ginessa White|White as foam... Girl
Daniela A Form of Danielle|Feminine ve... Girl
Brunilda A protector in the battle|Armo... Girl
Dulcinia Sweet... Girl
Imelda A Floret|Powerful Fighter|Warr... Girl
Orengia Having the sour and sweet qual... Girl
Brisha Beloved|From Briseis The Woman... Girl
Irene Christian name meaning peace|P... Unisex
Brigidia Spanish Form of Bridget Strong... Girl
Elina A Form of Elena|A name which s... Girl
Maya A Princess; Wealth; To Increas... Unisex
Maria A Short Form of Marlena And Ma... Girl
Adriana Dark|Dark, From Hadria|Feminin... Unisex
Socorro A helpful person. One who will... Girl
Ana Favor, Grace|Grace, favour|Gra... Unisex
Sancia Connected with God|Holy... Girl
Gezana Reference to the Incarnation|R... Girl
Suelita Little Lily|She is a little li... Girl
Ysabella A variant form of name Isabell... Girl
Magdalen From the High Tower|Hebrew - o... Girl

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