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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Southeast European Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute southeast european baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest christian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Southeast European Baby Unisex Names List

Southeast European Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Charybdis A deadly whirlpool|Daughter of... Unisex
Achillea He who embodies the grief of t... Unisex
Claire Appealing to everyone; bright ... Unisex
Meagan Greek - Pearl; Great and Might... Unisex
Katharine Form of the Latin 'Katharina',... Unisex
Thy A tree|Untamed|poetry... Unisex
Rina A Short Form of Names Ending I... Unisex
Pontus Old Greek - Sea; Ocean|Old Gre... Unisex
Mara Bitter|Bitter Sorrow|Bitter, S... Unisex
Penny Bobbin; one who is like a flow... Unisex
Bo A Form of Beau|A Form of Bogar... Unisex
Solaris Of The Sun|One who is of the S... Unisex
Oleksandra Alexandra|Ukrainian version of... Unisex
Ulysses 'The History of Troilus and Cr... Unisex
Pero Disabled, Lame|Mother of Asopu... Unisex
Agape Love|Love of The Next|The Gree... Unisex
Sonya Variant of Sophia: Wisdom; wis... Unisex
Sandi Defends others... Unisex
Niobe Tribute or inspiration|fern... Unisex
Kristina A woman of Christian faith|Chr... Unisex
Anstice Immortal|One who will be rebor... Unisex
Annas Compassion of God|Gift From Go... Unisex
Zena A Hospitable Woman|Abbreviatio... Unisex
Angelle Angel, Messenger|Angel; Messen... Unisex
Dino A little sword; part of God|Ab... Unisex
Diamanto Diamanto refers to the one who... Unisex
Cyrene A wall, coldness, the floor. [... Unisex
Rose A Variety of Flower|A beautifu... Unisex
Raya Bulgarian - Heaven; A name sim... Unisex
Nikeiza Jesus Christ in the triumph of... Unisex
Alexandria A helper and defender of manki... Unisex
Calisto Most Beautiful|Most Beautiful ... Unisex
Yan Bulgarian form of Ioanne, mean... Unisex
Odessa Filled with wrath|The Lord Nar... Unisex
Milo A merciful soldier|Destroyer|F... Unisex
Antonia A beautiful human being who ar... Unisex
Gus A diminutive of the Latin Augu... Unisex
Perri Rock; one who traveler at hear... Unisex
Phoenix A bird which gets reborn from ... Unisex
Amyntas Defender|Protector... Unisex
Otis A wealthy person who is keen o... Unisex
Lila Born at night / resembling a l... Unisex
Eboni A dark beauty|Black|Its Egypti... Unisex
Omega Last Letter of the Greek Alpha... Unisex
Tia An aunt / daughter born to roy... Unisex
Melaina Black, Dark|Dark|Dark skinned... Unisex
Eda A wealthy guardian angel who i... Unisex
Jaycee A Form of Jacey|Based on the i... Unisex
Inesa A Strong King; Lord Visnu|Kind... Unisex
Calais One who changes colors|Son of ... Unisex
Kasen A dame of purity|Pure|protecte... Unisex
Alvar An Old English name meaning el... Unisex
Yannis Gift of God|Gift of God; The L... Unisex
Ary Diminutive of Aristotle: Super... Unisex
Kristabelle Kristabelle means Sparkling|Va... Unisex
Demetrice A Form of Demetrius|Fertility ... Unisex
Lea Bringer of good news|Meadow|My... Unisex
Anastasios A Form of Anastasius|Resurrect... Unisex
Anderson English Andrew. Manly; brave. ... Unisex
Cathleen A lady who is pure and innocen... Unisex
Sydney Attractive|Follower of Saint D... Unisex
Melisa Bee, any of numerous hairy bod... Unisex
Elliot Believes in God|Crime Fighter|... Unisex
Philippa A lover and friend of horses|H... Unisex
Oracle The one who brings holy greeti... Unisex
Steve Abbreviation of Steven and Ste... Unisex
Nile From the Nile|Victor, winner, ... Unisex
Pedro 'The Merchant of Venice' The P... Unisex
Astley Starry Field|star... Unisex
Borka He is a good fighter|Stranger... Unisex
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