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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Southeast European Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Southeast European Baby Girl Names List

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Southeast European Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute southeast european baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Stephana Crowned in victory... Girl
Annice Chaste, Holy|The pure one who ... Girl
Delfine A beautiful and active Dolphin... Girl
Sybilla Prophetess|Prophetess; oracle... Girl
Pernilla Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A var... Girl
Kristina A woman of Christian faith|Chr... Unisex
Eugina Wellborn. Feminine of Eugene... Girl
Theoda A gift of God... Girl
Ellery Dwells by the alder trees|From... Unisex
Giancinte Hyacinth... Girl
Anderson English Andrew. Manly; brave. ... Unisex
Catheryna Pure. Clear... Girl
Candace A pure and sincere woman|A que... Unisex
Catharina Pure. Clear|She is pure and in... Girl
Chrysta Gold or golden. Annointed one.... Girl
Yan Bulgarian form of Ioanne, mean... Unisex
Phillipa Feminine form of Philip: Lover... Unisex
Pemphredo Sister of the Gorgons... Girl
Aphrodite Goddess of Love|Greek Goddess ... Girl
Eidothea A sea nymph... Girl
Gaelan A person who has firm mind|Tra... Unisex
Georgia A feminine form of the Greek G... Girl
Zenaide one who has devoted his life t... Girl
Tethys Daughter of Gaea|Old Greek nam... Girl
Cathleen A lady who is pure and innocen... Unisex
Vasilija Feminine form of Basil, meanin... Girl
Niobe Tribute or inspiration|fern... Unisex
Leora Light|Light to me|My light... Unisex
Gale A Short Form of Galen|Calm, Tr... Unisex
Nile From the Nile|Victor, winner, ... Unisex
Stefina Crowned in victory... Girl
Katrina Katrina means Plain, Natural, ... Unisex
Aikaterina Pure... Girl
Merta Marvelous|Myrtle... Girl
Ilse God is my Oath|Oath of God. No... Girl
Kalonice Beautiful Victory|Kalonice mea... Girl
Tiffanny Manifestation of God... Girl
Georgine A planter who works in a farm|... Girl
Astraea A derivative from the Greek la... Girl
Nerin a nereid, one from the sea... Girl
Alexandria A helper and defender of manki... Unisex
Gryta Pearl|The Pearl|The Pearl, The... Girl
Eranthe Spring flower... Girl
Qendresea Attitude, Bearing, Pose, Stanc... Girl
Than A million|Death|death, brilian... Unisex
Dia Candle; Divine; Daughter of Ei... Unisex
Terriana A Combination of Teri + Anna|I... Girl
Zona prostitute... Girl
Thera Harvester|She who is untamed|w... Girl
Zosime Feminine form of Zosimos. It m... Girl
Sinon A breast-plate, deliverance|Co... Unisex
Leucothea A sea nymph|White Goddess... Girl
Cadis Sparkling... Girl
Aleksandra Defender of Mankind|Old Greek ... Girl
Babette A Familiar Form of Barbara|God... Girl
Astrea Star... Girl
Lili A Flower; German Diminutive of... Girl
Eleanor ???|A variant of Helen introdu... Unisex
Rovena Holy Lance... Girl
Ennea Born ninth... Girl
Kasia Alert, vigorous. Modern varian... Unisex
Drew A Short Form of Andrew|A visio... Unisex
Xandra Defender of Mankind|Defender o... Girl
Lyda A small winged one|Of Lydia|Va... Girl
Kristen Follower of Christ|Kristen mea... Unisex
Lily A Flower|Flower|Flower lily... Unisex
Lyudmila A dear person who loves and fe... Girl
Athanasia Greek name for immortal|Immort... Girl
Fate Destiny|Fate|One of great dest... Girl
Tereza Harvester|Harvester, Fortune B... Girl

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