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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Southeast Asian Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Southeast Asian Baby Girl Names List

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Southeast Asian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute southeast asian baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest buddhist, muslim baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Philomena Beloved|Love Strong|One who ha... Unisex
Dok-Ban-Yen petunia like flower... Girl
Vanig maiden of Van|small town... Unisex
Trevor From the large village|Large s... Unisex
Elijah Beautiful, sweet, smart|Beauti... Unisex
Rico A Form of Enrico|A ruler known... Unisex
Annie Diminutive of Ann frequently u... Girl
Dewi Beloved|Goddess|The Goddess... Unisex
Tamar A name that means date palm tr... Unisex
Urbain City Dweller, Modern, Urban|Of... Unisex
Bridget A strong and protective woman,... Unisex
Boupha Like a flower... Girl
Valentina Brave|Brave; Strong. Feminine ... Unisex
Chai A lively person who is filled ... Unisex
Evelyn Beauty, Radiance|From a surnam... Unisex
Tora In Japanese it means a tigress... Girl
Wening Quiet|Quite... Girl
Veronique Bringer of victory|Honest|brin... Girl
Shaun God is gracious... Unisex
Ika One... Girl
Si A Short Form of Simon|One who ... Unisex
Quasar Meteor|Meteorite|Meteorite; So... Unisex
Tate A cheerful man, one who brings... Unisex
Reyna Germanic - Counsel; Advice; La... Unisex
Maribel A Combination of Maria & Bel|A... Girl
Theodore A gift from God|American Novel... Unisex
Tansanee Beautiful view... Girl
Zayana One who adorns and beautifies ... Unisex
Carol A feminine form of Charles mea... Unisex
Yukio Gets What He Wants, God Will N... Unisex
Daria Feminine of Darius; a Persian ... Unisex
Maly A ruler, the firstborn son|Blo... Girl
Margot Old Greek - Pearl; A variation... Girl
Oke A Latin word that means a horn... Unisex
Valiant A valiant and high spirited ma... Unisex
Siti A woman of noble qualities|Lad... Girl
Quinn Chief, Freeman, Head, Hound, I... Unisex
Tess Abbreviation of Teresa, meanin... Girl
Yoshe Beauty... Girl
Dara Angel of rains and rivers|Brav... Unisex
August German form of the Latin Augus... Unisex
Emerson Brave; powerful|Emery's son|Em... Unisex
Randy A Familiar Form of Rand|Diminu... Unisex
Theary helper; aide... Girl
Pilar Fountain Base; Pillar|Pillar|P... Unisex
Spencer Dispenser (of provisions)|Disp... Unisex
Nerissa Expectant|Expectant, Nymph, Se... Girl
Dharma Decree; Custom|Decree; Path of... Unisex
Payton A form of patton|From Pacca's ... Unisex
Gwen Diminutive of Gwendoline: Fair... Unisex
Paola A Feminine Form of The Name Pa... Unisex
Viola Flower|Violet|Violet Color, Vi... Girl
Carla A woman who acts like a man do... Girl
Sud My secret|Tiger in Thai langua... Unisex
Liwanag light, bright... Girl
Scarlett Bright Red|In English origin, ... Girl
Paula Latin - Little; Humble; From T... Girl
Trinh One who is pure, virtuous, vir... Girl
Ivette A Form of Yvette|Yew|Young Arc... Unisex
Joan God Is Gracious|God is graciou... Unisex
Britney A Form of Britany|Britain|Deri... Girl
Totsaken Ramakien character... Girl
Valentine 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' One ... Unisex
Quillan Cub|Descendant of Coll|Resembl... Unisex
Veronica Bringer of victory|Displaying ... Unisex
Korrine Korrine means She who Fights w... Girl
Mary Beloved|Bitter. Variant of Mir... Girl
Alicia A Latinized form of the German... Girl
Nichole A Form of Nicole|Feminine of N... Unisex
Dokai Way Formality; Way Steps|Way s... Unisex

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