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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest South Indian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute south indian baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest south india, hindu baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z South Indian Baby Unisex Names List

South Indian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Pia Beloved|Devout|Italian name... Unisex
Haseen Beautiful|Beautiful, Handsome,... Unisex
Ikshu A Malayali word for sugarcane|... Unisex
Abhayananda Delighting In Fearless|Delight... Unisex
Kimaya Divine|Kimatya means Miracle, ... Unisex
Ujjwal Bright|Bright clarity|Bright, ... Unisex
Ashley Ash Wood|Ash Wood; Meadow of A... Unisex
Tazz A shallow ornamental cup|Fresh... Unisex
Kirtmalini Garlanded With Fame|The name m... Unisex
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati|Goddess Parvat... Unisex
Majeeda Glorious|Glorious, Praiseworth... Unisex
Pariyat Flower|Flower; Beautiful; Soft... Unisex
Shanti A Short Form of Shantia|Peace|... Unisex
Nima Blessing, Favor|Born to wealth... Unisex
Sanmati Lord Mahavir|Noble Minded|Sanm... Unisex
Nutan New|New or fresh|New, Fresh... Unisex
Krishang Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva; Slender... Unisex
Sheetal Cold; Very Cool|Cool|Having pe... Unisex
Priyank Dear husband|Lovable|Loved One... Unisex
Phiroza Armenian - Turquoise|Successfu... Unisex
Haruni A Deer|Messenger-ship|Messenge... Unisex
Shay Eagle; Hawk-like; Gift; Sharp|... Unisex
Saatvika Calm|Goddess Durga; Calm|Name ... Unisex
Subhi Early Bright; Dawn|Early Morni... Unisex
Manjistha A woman who is extreme an inte... Unisex
Saija From Hebrew Sarah, meaning pri... Unisex
Melinda Black Serpent, Sweet Serpent|B... Unisex
Mouli A sacred thread of the Hindu r... Unisex
Shalmali Lord Vishnu's Power|Lord Vishn... Unisex
Shubhi Good Luck|Good Luck; To be Luc... Unisex
Anan Cloud; Joyful|Clouds|Enormous ... Unisex
Yazhini A beautiful musical instrument... Unisex
Pehr Hour, Time; Phase, time of day... Unisex
Chane Dependable|Name of A God, Depe... Unisex
Imtithal (Polite) Obedience|Polite Obed... Unisex
Aapt Friend; Faithful; Trustworthy|... Unisex
Thanika Apsara|Apsara; Rope|Turmeric... Unisex
Juanita God is Gracious|God's Gift|it ... Unisex
Vasuki A Famous Snake In Hindu Mythol... Unisex
Ganita Regarded|numbered, mathematics... Unisex
Kani Girl|Kani means Sound|Sound... Unisex
Chaman A flowering garden|Flower Gard... Unisex
Ajeeb Amazing|Wonder... Unisex
Sanam A Loving Person; Beloved; Idol... Unisex
Amari An strong and eternally lovely... Unisex
Montague 'King Henry the Sixth, Part II... Unisex
Saroj Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus; Born... Unisex
Chanda God's Compassion; Fierce; Pass... Unisex
Dhyana A meditating individual|Medita... Unisex
Roshan A Form of Roshean|Bright|Brigh... Unisex
Chaithra First Month of the Year; New B... Unisex
Danesh God of Wealth|Knowledge; learn... Unisex
Ekamjot God'S Light; Brightness, Lumin... Unisex
Baha Beautiful, Magnificent|Beautif... Unisex
Anjali 1. Anointed; polished. 2. Hono... Unisex
Pujita Divine Ritual; Prayer; worship... Unisex
Taj Crown|Crown, Jewel|Crown/ Jewe... Unisex
Chatura Clever|Clever, Wise|Fosterer o... Unisex
Rasbihari Lord Krishna|Lord Krishna, Nam... Unisex
Adwaya One; United; Unique|Unique|Uni... Unisex
Aasharya Son of The Sun|the Son of the ... Unisex
Ahlam Dreams. Utopia|She with the Be... Unisex
Prinita Content, Satisfied; Pleased; H... Unisex
Aseelah Arabic - Deep-rooted; Noble; H... Unisex
Navaratna 9 gems|Nine Diamonds|Nine Type... Unisex
Aja Goat|Love of Vishnu; High Prie... Unisex
Kavindra Chief of Poets|Kavindra means ... Unisex
Jodha Brave; Warrior; Mighty Fighter... Unisex
Mayukhi Pea-hen|Pea-hen; Someone who i... Unisex
Adalarasu King of Dance|King of Dance; o... Unisex
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