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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest South European Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute south european baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest christian, spanish baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z South European Baby Unisex Names List

South European Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Gracia Grace|Pleasing, Agreeable, Bea... Unisex
Chara A man who loves freedom and ad... Unisex
Lukas A man from lucania|Bringer of ... Unisex
Cruz Another name of cross|Cross... Unisex
Alphonso A Form of Alphonse|A noble pro... Unisex
Susana A Form of Susan|Lily|Lily Vari... Unisex
Rida (In Gods) favor; contentment, ... Unisex
Eduarda A Form of Edwardina|Famous bea... Unisex
Ignacio A Form of Ignatius|Fiery|Fiery... Unisex
Alamar Arabic - Coated in Gold|Covere... Unisex
Leticia A person who spreads joy and h... Unisex
Tuli A variation of Naphtali, Wrest... Unisex
Jovanny God is gracious|They inspire o... Unisex
Oscar A spear of the gods / a friend... Unisex
Eriko Child With A Collar. The Suffi... Unisex
Demario A gentle and caring being|From... Unisex
Alberto Bright Nobility|Noble, bright ... Unisex
Alfonso Eager for war|Eager, Noble|Nob... Unisex
Marisela A woman who is warlike and agr... Unisex
Sara A Form of Sarah|Form of Sarah;... Unisex
Fonda Inn|Profound|Something intense... Unisex
Pilar Fountain Base; Pillar|Pillar|P... Unisex
Domingo Belonging to the lord|Born On ... Unisex
Reynaldo 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' A ... Unisex
Acha The holly bushes or plants... Unisex
Mario A manly man|A sad, bitter pers... Unisex
Alexandra A feminine form of Alexander m... Unisex
Carolina A song of joy and happiness|Fr... Unisex
Savanna From The Open Plain|From the o... Unisex
Delmar Mariner|Of the Sea|One who cam... Unisex
Seve Stern... Unisex
Lucila A Form of Lucille|Bringer of L... Unisex
Connie Among The Famous People|Consta... Unisex
Juan Form of John Often Used In Com... Unisex
Leon A Short Form of Leonard|A vari... Unisex
Elia Form of elijah|My God Is Jehov... Unisex
Margarita One who is as beautiful as a p... Unisex
Tia An aunt / daughter born to roy... Unisex
Peni A form of Ben; a loyal and adv... Unisex
Martez From the god mars|Mostly used ... Unisex
Suada Conviction|Persuasion... Unisex
Rogelio A famous soldier|A legendary a... Unisex
Maricela A combative young girl|Bitter|... Unisex
Noa A peaceful wanderer|In motion|... Unisex
Alvar An Old English name meaning el... Unisex
Efrain A very much fertile land|Doubl... Unisex
Jovany God is gracious|They love to t... Unisex
Antonio Invaluable|Italian form of Ant... Unisex
Josefina God will add|Hebrew - Yahweh w... Unisex
On The number one, first number|V... Unisex
Celestina A heavenly or a celestial indi... Unisex
Octavio A French word that means 'Me' ... Unisex
Carlo A Free Man|A strong mainly man... Unisex
Jordana Descend, flow down|Feminine na... Unisex
Silvia Derived From The Latin|From th... Unisex
Catalina A woman of great purity|Pure|P... Unisex
Isabell A Form of Isabel|God is my Oat... Unisex
Pura In Begining|One with pure, gen... Unisex
Belen An Arrow|Bethlehem|Bethlehem; ... Unisex
Iliana Bright|Light|Variant of Elena... Unisex
Vina Beloved|Darling; Lovable; The ... Unisex
Beatriz Brings Happiness: Brings Joy|B... Unisex
Ramiro A famous counselor, a great ju... Unisex
Angelia Angel|Angel, Messenger|Angel; ... Unisex
Amor Bright and beautiful creatures... Unisex
Adelais A Form of Adelaide|Noble... Unisex
Aloise Famous In Battle. Feminine of ... Unisex
Davi An awesome being|Beloved|angel... Unisex
Dali A Flower|Drawn towards God... Unisex
Rosiyn Beautiful|Red Haired... Unisex
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