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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest South Asian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z South Asian Baby Unisex Names List

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South Asian Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute south asian baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest hindu, buddhist, muslim baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Bao Protection|To Order, To Bid|tr... Unisex
Clay Clay Pit|Clay Settlement|Clay ... Unisex
Heidi Noble|Noble and Serene|Noble o... Unisex
Abhinandan Congratulation|Congratulations... Unisex
Ajantha A Famous Buddist Cave|Creative... Unisex
Akalpa Love of God|Ornament|Ornament;... Unisex
Rio Brook, Stream|Eager; Brook; La... Unisex
Cintya A name given to the goddess of... Unisex
Tarani A Beam of Light|Boat|Boat, Sun... Unisex
Simranjeet Victorious in contemplation; M... Unisex
Akand Calm|Calm; Serenity; Tranquil;... Unisex
Paulette Feminine form of Paul: Little;... Unisex
Parminder God of Gods|One who is the God... Unisex
Kastor Beaver|Fragrance; Love... Unisex
Yogi A devotee; Ascetic; Meditative... Unisex
Vili Diminutive of Vilmos, which is... Unisex
Taya A Short Form of Taylor|Form of... Unisex
Amandeep Emanating the light of peace|L... Unisex
Giribhu One who is originating from th... Unisex
Basanta Cool Climate|Spring|Spring sea... Unisex
Paramleen Absorbed In The Highest, God|A... Unisex
Waqar Dignity|Dignity, Self Respect|... Unisex
Medhya A mighty woman|Mighty, Clean, ... Unisex
San Lord Shiva; Sun|Moon|Perfect; ... Unisex
Ajara Not Wearing out; Adhishri; Eve... Unisex
Mareechin A Sage|Indian name for the Sun... Unisex
Pirro Flaming Hair; Red Haired|Flami... Unisex
Ekkam One; United; First one|The one... Unisex
Shubhika A Garland of Auspicious Flower... Unisex
Pinakini Bow Shaped|Bow shaped; Armed w... Unisex
Lavik Goddess Durga; Intelligent|Int... Unisex
Yagana Unique, Unprecedented|Unique, ... Unisex
Kaur Kaur means Princess|Princess|P... Unisex
Abida Father of knowledge|She Who Wo... Unisex
Jangpartap Valorous warrior... Unisex
Nisan Sign|Sign or symbol|Standard, ... Unisex
Deepak A source of light; a determine... Unisex
Sujetu Affectionate|She who is o nobl... Unisex
Kanika An Atom|An atom; Small; Girl|A... Unisex
Tegan Attractive|Beautiful|Doe... Unisex
Baran Gaelic - Noble Warrior; Russia... Unisex
Tisata Beautify Others... Unisex
Mayurika Baby Peahen|Pea-hen; Someone w... Unisex
Monil Bird... Unisex
Harsimran One who Promotes Happiness|Rem... Unisex
Khyati Fame|Fame; Goodwill|Famous; Fa... Unisex
Chintamani Philosopher's Stone|Philosophe... Unisex
Pakasansa God of Cow|One who is the God ... Unisex
Faneendra Beautiful|king of serpent, shi... Unisex
Arezou A desirable, wishful human bei... Unisex
Naresha King Among Men|Lord of Mankind... Unisex
Maitra Friend; Companion; Well Wisher... Unisex
Romila A heartfelt woman|Heartfelt|He... Unisex
Mohati As Beautiful As Pearl, Moti|As... Unisex
Jemini A Gem|A Gem; A star; A variant... Unisex
Hana Arabic for 'happiness,' and Ja... Unisex
Tivra Fast|Intense; Strength; Strong... Unisex
Vibhusha Light; Beauty; Splendour|Light... Unisex
Jatinder Nurturing; Lord of Purity|One ... Unisex
Babi Of The Bab. Followers of The S... Unisex
Saihajleen A person absorbed in bliss and... Unisex
Krpanaka The name means Ptchwork... Unisex
Rochana Beautiful Woman; Blossom of th... Unisex
Jinal Lord Vishnu|Lord Vishnu; Kind;... Unisex
Madhurima Charming|Indian name describin... Unisex
Nashat Cheer; Joy|Growing up, youth|G... Unisex
Magan A woman who is alluring as a p... Unisex
Ekamkar Only one creator... Unisex
Rakishi Wide Load... Unisex
Raz A secretive, mysterious person... Unisex

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