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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest South Asian Baby Names Starting with St with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute south asian baby names starting with st with meaning. Get modern and latest hindu, buddhist, muslim baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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South Asian Baby Names Beginning with St

Name Meaning Gender
Stacy Diminutive of Anastasia: Resur... Unisex
Stafford 'Henry VI, Part 2' Sir Humphre... Boy
Stalin A Steel Man... Boy
Stallionjit An victorious wild horse... Girl
Stambha pillar, mountain, shrub... Boy
Stambhiki Post; A Goddess; Pillar|Post; ... Girl
Stanley 'Henry VI, Part 2' Sir John St... Boy
Stav Autumn, fall (Season)|Autumn; ... Unisex
Stava praise, eulogy... Unisex
Stavan Worship; Praise; Eulogy... Boy
Stavita Praised... Girl
Stavya Lord Vishnu... Boy
Stefna Brilliant... Girl
Stephan Crown|Crown, Wreath|Crown; wre... Unisex
Stephen 'King Richard The Second' Sir ... Boy
Steven Crown|Crowned One|Variant Form... Unisex
Stewart A form of Stuart|Bailiff|Form ... Boy
Sthaanu Unchangeable... Boy
Sthavara Stable; Immovable... Girl
Sthavir Lord Brahma... Boy
Sthir Foccused|Focused|Focussed... Boy
Sthiraa The Goddess who is permanent... Girl
Sthiratha Steadiness... Girl
Sthithank Atlas; The Whole World|The Who... Boy
Sthithi Position... Girl
Sthothra A Slokam... Girl
Sthotra Praise; Glory; Fame... Girl
Sthua A Yaksha who is the follower o... Boy
Sthula dense, large, an attendant of ... Boy
Sthuthi Praise to God|Praise to God; A... Girl
Sthuthibhi With prayers... Girl
Stimit Astonishing... Boy
Stimita Being Stable|Control... Unisex
Stivant -Not Available-... Boy
Stoddard A Stable Keeper. One Who Works... Boy
Stotra A praiseworthy man who is famo... Boy
Stotri Lord Vishnu... Boy
Straina Soumya Showering goodness on women... Girl
Straina Name of Goddess Lakshmi... Girl
Striratna Another name of Goddess Laxmi|... Girl
Stritama A Complete Woman... Girl
Stuti Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; P... Unisex
Stuvi Praiser; Worshipper|Worship... Girl
Stvindra Lord of Virtue... Boy
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Alihat Lyell Balaiah
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