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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest South Asian Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z South Asian Baby Girl Names List

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South Asian Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute south asian baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest hindu, buddhist, muslim baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Shelza Consort of Lord Shiva... Girl
Nainadevi Goddess's Eye... Girl
Piyal Loving... Girl
Virinder King of warriors... Unisex
Vachi Goddess Lakshmi|Nectar like sp... Girl
Rashee Sign; Wealth; Collection of We... Girl
Nishkama Selfless|The honest work witho... Unisex
Vishalakshi Goddess Durga; Broad Eye; Larg... Girl
Kripita Beautiful... Girl
Nithyadevi Eternal... Girl
Arivudainayaki Intelligent... Girl
Spurthi Encourage; Inspiration... Girl
Kusumit A Flower Blooming|Blossomed; F... Unisex
Nishanthi The whole world; Create opport... Girl
Harper A Player On The Harp|Harp play... Unisex
Sudabeh A life filled with lustrous pr... Girl
Anshuka Ray of Sun|Sunbeam; Gentle; Br... Unisex
Rutanshi Truth... Girl
Krutangi -Not Available-... Girl
Kalaivaani Goddess of Arts, Goddess Saras... Girl
Rudrangshi Part of Lord Rudra... Girl
Hemaraja Golden King|Golden King;; Brig... Unisex
Nileen Surrendered... Girl
Pehul -Not Available-... Girl
Padmagriha One who resides in a Lotus|One... Unisex
Khadija Born prematurely|First Wife of... Girl
Lityati The one who shares happiness... Unisex
Peymaneh Wine Cup... Girl
Johnetta A Form of Jonita|Modern femini... Girl
Adika First child from a second husb... Unisex
Jalebi Indian Sweat... Girl
Skyler It means, 'like the sky' .Skyl... Unisex
Mustak Ardent; Longing; Forehead... Unisex
Paramitha Wisdom... Girl
Namritapreet Love for Humbleness|The modest... Unisex
Taibah Pure; Repentant|Repentant... Girl
Hashmitha Popularity... Girl
Sarvanta Which is Complete in Itseld... Girl
Shrilata Lustrious Creeper|Lustrous Cre... Girl
Turvayana Amazing; Loyal; Intelligent; B... Girl
Keeravani Name of a Raga... Girl
Nagavithi A row of serpents the moon's p... Girl
Jesika Alternate spellings|Elaboratio... Girl
Sipra Cheeks, The visor of a helmet|... Girl
Swapnila Dreaming Girl... Girl
Adityanandana Son of The Sun|Son of sun|Son ... Unisex
Abheera A Cowherd|A hired hand who ten... Girl
Maadhuree Madhuree Dikshit... Girl
Amreeta Nectar... Girl
Danaveera An Extremely Generous Person... Girl
Heera An Exalted Person, Diamond Lik... Unisex
Panna Emerald|Emerald, Jewel|Name of... Unisex
Parishna Lovely; Love for Life... Girl
Nasrin A Jonquil flower|A flower (a w... Girl
Kamuben -Not Available-... Girl
Camelia A Flower|A flower name|A name ... Girl
Aiswari Belongs to the Lord; Lordly... Girl
Finn A 'fair' or 'white' person|A f... Unisex
Jesmynda A variant of Jasmine, a fragra... Girl
Lalithabai Ardent Desire... Girl
Gitasri The Divine Gita... Girl
Rhea Menstruation, Birth Waters, Fl... Unisex
Rashika A Ray of Light|Protector of al... Girl
Darshitha Sight; Shown... Girl
Isir Another name of Agni; Inspirat... Unisex
Yoshana Girl; Young... Girl
Jiyana God is gracious; Strength... Girl
Anamika A nameless person; a little si... Girl
Kashamaya Merciful... Girl
Vino Sweet; Wine|Wine... Unisex

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