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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Slovene Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Slovene Baby Boy Names List

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Slovene Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute slovene baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest slovenia, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Jozef God Shall Add|it means jenovah... Boy
Domen Slovene form of Dominic, meani... Boy
Metod Slovene form of Methodius. It ... Boy
Tinek Slovene diminutive of Martin, ... Boy
Bor Father of Odin|Pine tree... Boy
Rihard Slovene form of Richard, meani... Boy
Klemen Merciful|Slovene form of Cleme... Boy
Zdenko Follower of Saint Denys|To bui... Boy
Anej Slovene form of Aeneas, meanin... Boy
Joze To add, increase... Boy
Tilen Tilen is a pet-form of the Slo... Boy
Dimitrij Slovene form of Demetrius. It ... Boy
Mladen Young|youthful... Boy
Bostjan Short form of Sebastjan and me... Boy
Vilko Slovene form of William, meani... Boy
Alojz Famous Warrior... Boy
Mateja He is a God' s Gift... Boy
Gregorija To watch... Boy
Urh Slovene form of Ulrich, meanin... Boy
Tadej Slovene form of, meaning heart... Boy
Matic Slovene variant of Matthias, m... Boy
Timotej Slovene form of Timothy, meani... Boy
Alfonz Slovene form of Alfonso, meani... Boy
Hedwig Battle maiden|Contention in wa... Unisex
Amadej Slovene form of Amadeus, meani... Boy
Marijan Slovene form of Marianus, mean... Boy
Slavko Glory... Boy
Stane Stand, become... Boy
Damjan Croatian form of Damian, meani... Boy
Bogomir God is great... Boy
Damijan A tamer... Boy
Lojze Short form of Alojz|Short form... Boy
Nejc Pet form of Jernej, meaning 's... Boy
Vid Croatian form of Wido, meaning... Boy
Anton A flourishing man, of an ancie... Unisex
Lovrenc Slovene form of Laurentius, me... Boy
Zdravomil Good and pleasant health... Boy
Avgust Great... Boy
Viljem Slovene form of William, meani... Boy
Fabijan Slovene form of Fabianus, mean... Boy
Erazem Slovene form of Erasmus, meani... Boy
Branislav Glorious Protector|Protection ... Boy
Rok Rok is equivalent to the Itali... Boy
Alojzij Slovene form of Aloysius, mean... Boy
Ignacij Slovene form of Ignatius. It m... Boy
Branko Armor or defense... Boy
Jadran One who is named after the Adr... Boy
Borut Diminutive of Boris, meaning s... Boy
Cvetko Masculine form of Cvetka, mean... Boy
Izidor Slovene form of Isidore. It me... Boy
Franc Refers to a Frenchman; indepen... Boy
Miha Love|Miha is the short form of... Boy
Jernej Slovene form of Bartholomew an... Boy
Marko From the god mars|Of Mars; the... Boy
Budimir To make peace... Boy
Andrej Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave... Boy
Stanko Diminutive of Stanislav, meani... Boy
Enej Slovenian word for praise... Boy
Pribislav Broken glory... Boy
Matuc A variant of Matthias; intelle... Boy
Peter 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Peter ... Boy
Janez God's gracious gift... Boy
Ozbej Slovene form of Ozwald, meanin... Boy
Marjan A small pearl|Coral|Like Mariu... Unisex
Ingvar Famous fighter|Ing's army|Warr... Boy
Andreja Croatian form of Andrew, meani... Boy
Bozo Divine... Boy
Lenart Slovene form of Leonard, meani... Boy
Anze Variant of Janez, meaning God ... Boy
Sebastijan Slovene form of Sebastianus, m... Boy

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