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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Slavic Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Origin Indian
Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Slavic Baby Girl Names List

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Slavic Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute slavic baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest russian, polish, ukrainian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Stanuie One who becomes... Girl
Trpimira The name is derived from eleme... Girl
Nadezhda General feeling that some desi... Girl
Miroslava Great, Glory, Great|The person... Unisex
Noah Comfort|In Hebrew, it means 'r... Unisex
Olya A sacred place or sacred spiri... Girl
Miroslawa A calm person, a glorified pea... Unisex
Stara One who is old... Girl
Ja Name that means 'Me'|attractio... Unisex
Valentina Brave|Brave; Strong. Feminine ... Unisex
Tamora Variation of the name Tamara, ... Girl
Yarmilla Merchant|one who loves spring... Girl
Danica Morning Star|the morning star... Girl
Gideon A mighty warrior, one who fell... Unisex
Erik Eternal ruler|Ever Powerful|Ev... Unisex
Conrad Bo!d speech|Bold Counsel|Brave... Unisex
Kamilia Kamilia means Attending the Ce... Girl
Neda Proclamation, voice, call|The ... Girl
Florian A masculine modification of 'F... Unisex
Alena Dear Child; Goddess Durga; Tor... Girl
Vesna Goddess of spring|Messenger|Va... Girl
Nickolas A Form of Nicholas|Of the vict... Unisex
Sable Black|Sable (black)|Sable, sle... Unisex
Radmila A sweet happiness... Girl
Dimitri A Short Form of Demetrius|Eart... Unisex
Oral Eagle|Golden|Golden; Eagle... Unisex
Bunda One with a furcoat|arrow, reac... Unisex
Stefan Crown|Crown; wreath. Variant o... Unisex
Ala Defending men, Excellence, Fra... Unisex
Radmilla She who works for the people|W... Girl
Ondrea Possessing qualities befitting... Unisex
Arron A Form of Aaron|Hebrew - Enlig... Unisex
Ivan Archer|Archer; God's Gracious ... Unisex
Marika A restless, rebellious woman|B... Unisex
Anna Grain which in a mystical sens... Unisex
Radinka active... Girl
Nadezda A hope or a belief|Hope... Girl
Karol Feminine variant of Charles me... Unisex
Laciann Cheerful|Derived from Lacey wh... Unisex
Chesna A calm place|peaceful... Girl
Nedi The one who was delivered on S... Girl
Nijole The people who always conquest... Girl
Radomila A happy and dear person|Happy ... Girl
Anton A flourishing man, of an ancie... Unisex
Velika The falling one|great... Girl
Oriel Bird|Compound of 'fire' and 's... Unisex
Jan A Short Form of Jane|Beloved; ... Unisex
Radomira Happy, Peace|Slavic - Happy; P... Girl
Vladislava Glorious Ruler|Glory|The Glori... Unisex
Jans God is Gracious|Slavic - God h... Unisex
Laci Cheerful|Derived from Lacey wh... Unisex
Angel A Little Messager from God; Sh... Unisex
Zora Born at dawn, aurora|Dawn|Dawn... Unisex
Vera Faith|Faith, Truth|Faithful... Girl
Milo A merciful soldier|Destroyer|F... Unisex
Nedda Born on Sunday|Feminine of Ned... Girl
Peryn Variation of a habitational Su... Girl
Radka Care, Happy|Happy|Slavic - Hap... Girl
Stasya Resurrection|Strength, fame or... Girl

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