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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Parsi Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Parsi Baby Girl Names List

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Parsi Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute parsi baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest zoroastrianism, indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Arvaneh A Wild Violet... Girl
Non Posterity, a fish, eternal... Unisex
Mahperviz -Not Available-... Girl
Sanaz A Flower|A flower, Rose, Full ... Girl
Ratanbai -Not Available-... Girl
Yazdin -Not Available-... Girl
Samanbar -Not Available-... Girl
Banuhufriz -Not Available-... Girl
Nazgol Cute Flower... Girl
Firouz A triumphant and lucky person;... Unisex
Adil Fair, Honest, Justice|Judge; H... Unisex
Shirinbanu -Not Available-... Girl
Souri A girl who is like a red rose|... Unisex
Zarmandokht The daughter of time... Girl
Behafrid -Not Available-... Girl
Mahzarin -Not Available-... Girl
Pervin -Not Available-... Girl
Shegufta -Not Available-... Girl
Arenavachi One who always speaks the trut... Girl
Deena A Form of Deana, Dena, Dinah|A... Unisex
Soraya Beautiful|Name of A Constellat... Girl
Malisa A soothing balm, lemon balm|Ba... Girl
Mahkhurshid -Not Available-... Girl
Parastoo A Bird (swallow)|A bird, Swall... Girl
Zarinchinar The golden poplar... Girl
Gordia A Female Character In Shahname... Girl
Zhaleh Dew... Girl
Azadeh Dry Earth; Detached; Free of M... Girl
Ashraf Honorable|Honourable; Noble; W... Unisex
Nahlibai -Not Available-... Girl
Behbaha Best Price... Girl
Yalda Name of The Longest Night of T... Unisex
Sarv -Not Available-... Girl
Ghazaleh A woman who is like a gazelle|... Unisex
Clorinda In Greek, the meaning of this ... Girl
Amardad Immorality, one who is immorta... Unisex
Adar Exalted|High; Eminent; Fire; N... Unisex
Sanober Name of a pine tree... Girl
Negeen Precious Stone, Ring, Jewelry|... Girl
Sheherazad A dweller in a free city... Unisex
Jaleh Dew|Dewy; Rain; A variant tran... Girl
Mahin Earth|Earth, Greatest, Related... Unisex
Bibi Bauble, Toy|Lady|Lady of rank;... Girl
Pouneh A Flower|Flower... Girl
Kevan Beautiful at birth|Comely, Lov... Unisex
Dehbanu -Not Available-... Girl
Dinaz A religious song or music... Girl
Ferangiz One with a dazzling glory. And... Girl
Sogand Oath, Pledge... Girl
Ruhae -Not Available-... Girl
Sarvazad A child as noble as cypress... Unisex
Bahar Spring|Spring Season|Spring Se... Unisex
Sheyda A lovesick woman|Lovesick... Girl
Aram A curse; They are high and exa... Unisex
Keherafrid -Not Available-... Girl
Ushtavaity -Not Available-... Girl
Naghmeh Melody, Song, Tune... Girl
Ghodsi Holy, Sacred|Holy, Sacred, Ang... Unisex
Shahi A rolyal woman... Girl
Arta Golden... Unisex
Manush Violet; The Viol... Unisex
Gulkhurshid -Not Available-... Girl
Kamal Beauty, perfection|Kamal means... Unisex
Aylin A Form of Alina|Moon Halo|Moon... Girl
Robeab -Not Available-... Girl
Nargess A Flower (narcissus )|Daffodil... Girl
Salomeh Salomeh... Girl
Deeba Fine silk or brocade|Obedience... Girl
Gordieh Strong and mighty woman warrio... Girl
Kimiya Alchemy|Kimiya means Alchemy... Girl

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