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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Pakistani Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute pakistani baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest punjabi, urdu, muslim, islamic baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Pakistani Baby Unisex Names List

Pakistani Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Samama A person who is a campanion of... Unisex
Lavali A vine, Custard apple|Aromatic... Unisex
Ishrat Affection|Affection, Happiness... Unisex
Chandrakanta Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone... Unisex
Sadhna One who practices a lot, who f... Unisex
Adil Fair, Honest, Justice|Judge; H... Unisex
Kalanidhi Kalanidhi name means Receptabl... Unisex
Deepak A source of light; a determine... Unisex
Dhairya Patience|Patience; Patient; Co... Unisex
Rubina A woman who is like a ruby red... Unisex
Monal A bird, a free spirit|Bird|Bir... Unisex
Kapalini Another Name For Durga|Another... Unisex
Amari An strong and eternally lovely... Unisex
Nalika Lotus|The stem of Lotus flower... Unisex
Gulshan A Flowergarden|A flower Garden... Unisex
Gopi A Cowherd; Protector of Cows|A... Unisex
Mela Dark, Black|Dark; Religious Ga... Unisex
Olichudar Brilliant|Brilliant,olisudar... Unisex
Adhita A Scholar|A Scholar; Bestowed ... Unisex
Kenga Kenga means The Water That Flo... Unisex
Indira Bestower of prosperity, anothe... Unisex
Kishmish Kishmish means Sweet as Grapes... Unisex
Kalindi Kalindi means The Sun, Daughte... Unisex
Padmini Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus Pond... Unisex
Ashis Benediction|Benediction; Bless... Unisex
Neha Dewdrop; Admired for a look; L... Unisex
Padmakali Lotus Bud|Lotus Bud; One of ma... Unisex
Anarghya A strong person who is always ... Unisex
Karabi A Flower|Flower|Karabi name me... Unisex
Wafa Faithfulness|Faithfulness, Fid... Unisex
Mansi A Lady|An Indian name for a wo... Unisex
Neeraja Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus Flowe... Unisex
Nila Blue|Blue; Enchanting Moon; Th... Unisex
Maheshwari Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; G... Unisex
Kailyn A Form of Kaitlyn|Girl|Slender... Unisex
Indu A bright drop|Lord Chandra (Mo... Unisex
Neelesh Another name for Lord Krishna|... Unisex
Shveta A loveble white woman|White|Wh... Unisex
Nandini A Holy Cow, Bestower of Joy, G... Unisex
Awani Earth|Helper, or supporter|The... Unisex
Kalima Blackish|Blackness|Darkness... Unisex
Urooj Ascension|Ascension, Mounting ... Unisex
Kalika A Bud|A Bud; Name of a Godess ... Unisex
Jaishree Goddess of Victory; Honour of ... Unisex
Najwa Confidential Talk, Romantic Ta... Unisex
Mithra A close companion in all times... Unisex
Saadat Blessing|Blessing Honour|Bless... Unisex
Indrina Deep... Unisex
Dharitri Earth|The Earth... Unisex
Indrani Consort of Lord Indra|Consort ... Unisex
Devyani Daughter of Shukraacharya|Like... Unisex
Hena A Flower|Flower|Golden Flower... Unisex
Tanmayi Concentrate; Ecstasy in Sanskr... Unisex
Preet Love|Love, The one who loves t... Unisex
Sinhayana Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga, O... Unisex
Adipurush Primordial Being... Unisex
Hibatullah Gift of Allah... Unisex
Maina A Bird|Bird|Name of A Beautifu... Unisex
Nidhipa The precious thing from God|Tr... Unisex
Rawahah A person who is easy to please... Unisex
Shadi Happiness, Singer|Marriage|She... Unisex
Yara Friend|Little Butterfly|The Br... Unisex
Karala Durga, Opening Wide, Tearing|D... Unisex
Duha Before noon, Morning; time of ... Unisex
Falguni Beautiful|Beautiful gem of a p... Unisex
Abhik Beloved|Beloved; Dearest to He... Unisex
Pranidhi Precious; Spy|Spy|Spy; One who... Unisex
Kumudini A Lotus|A Lotus; Type of Flowe... Unisex
Dhruvi Center Point of Globe Earth; F... Unisex
Daruka Deodar Tre|Deodar Tree|Pine tr... Unisex
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