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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Pakistani Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute pakistani baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest punjabi, urdu, muslim, islamic baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Pakistani Baby Girl Names List

Pakistani Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Fulmala Garland|Refers to wreath or ch... Girl
Haseen Beautiful|Beautiful, Handsome,... Unisex
Natun New... Girl
Seerat Inner Beauty, Fame|Inner Beaut... Girl
Akshata Holy Rice; Sacred Rice of Wors... Unisex
Shilavati A River|Name of a river... Girl
Hita Beneficial|Lovable|Lovable; Be... Unisex
Hessa Destiny|Queen of Gods... Girl
Vishala Wide, Spacious|Wide; Spacious|... Unisex
Azeemah Great|The great and majestic p... Girl
Bijli Bright; Electricity; Current|L... Unisex
Tista A River|A Tributary of Ganga R... Unisex
Hooriya A Celestial|Angel|Angel of Hea... Girl
Charu Agreeable|Agreeable, Charming,... Unisex
Bhanu 1. Appearance. 2. Light; glory... Unisex
Aqeelah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent ... Girl
Jhalak Glimpse|Glimpse, Spark, Sudden... Unisex
Hiran Deer|Gold|Gold; Deer... Unisex
Sadaf Mother of Pearl|Mother of pear... Unisex
Anbuvalli Kind... Girl
Kshemya Durga|Durga, Goddess of Welfar... Unisex
Kuyilsai A sweet voice like a cuckoo bi... Girl
Panbu Character|Good Character... Girl
Kamalesh God of Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) (k... Unisex
Sangeeta Music; Musical|Musical|Musical... Unisex
Gulal Auspicious Powder|Color red|Co... Unisex
Hibatullah Gift of Allah... Unisex
Gaura A Fair Woman|A Fair Woman; Ver... Unisex
Shajarah Tree... Girl
Durdanah Gold, ruby or pearl|Pearl|Pear... Unisex
Aagyeyi Order... Girl
Shomili Beautiful And Elegant|Elegant ... Girl
Lajita Lajita means Modesty|Modest... Girl
Gunita Virtuous|Virtuous; Proficient;... Girl
Barakah Blessed|Blessed; Blessings|Ble... Unisex
Anushka A Term of Endearment|A Term of... Girl
Yahvi Heaven|Heaven and earth conjoi... Girl
Humaira From the arabic name meaning r... Girl
Hemish Lord|Lord of The Earth|Lord of... Unisex
Yashaswi Famous|Keerthi; Famous|Victori... Girl
Anushri Another name of Goddess Laxmi;... Girl
Gargi A vessel for holding water|An ... Unisex
Jasmin A Flower|A flower name from th... Unisex
Jaheel Lake... Girl
Hansaveni Another Name For Saraswathi|An... Girl
Kalpini Night... Girl
Gayatri 3 Phased verse|A Vedic mantra ... Girl
Ushi A Plant|Plant|Wish; Desire... Girl
Jaminie A flower|Flower|Night; Flower... Girl
Nupura Anklet|Payal; Anklet|The one w... Girl
Manda A River|Abbreviation of Amanda... Unisex
Visala Celestial Apsara|Celestial or ... Unisex
Mishti Sweet Person|Sweet person; Swe... Unisex
Kalindi Kalindi means The Sun, Daughte... Unisex
Ikshan Sight|Sight; Eye; Look; Care... Unisex
Shairah Poetess|Poetess; Beautiful... Girl
Ojaswini A female who is the protector ... Girl
Khayrah Good|Good; Virtuous... Girl
Sahirah One who is awake|Wakeful|Well ... Girl
Manmayi A jealous woman|Jealous, Godde... Unisex
Sanjushree Beautiful... Girl
Nabah Nobel High, Sky|Nobel High; Sk... Unisex
Yojana A Plan|A unit of measure for l... Girl
Nasirah A Companion of Prophet Muhamme... Unisex
Isai A Form of Isaiah|Man|Masculini... Unisex
Sarwari Chief|Chief, Leader, Joy, Deli... Girl
Gulika A Pearl|A beautiful original p... Girl
Hridika Friendship; of Heart|Of Heart|... Unisex
Shaheerah Well known|Well known; Renowne... Girl
Minu A Gem; Precious Stone|A Gem; P... Girl
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