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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Pakistani Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute pakistani baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest punjabi, urdu, muslim, islamic baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Pakistani Baby Boy Names List

Pakistani Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Chanchal A playful individual|Active|Ac... Unisex
Kalapi Name of a Poet; Peacock; Night... Unisex
Ghulam A servant, a slave|Servant; Bo... Boy
Avani Earth|Goddess Laxmi; Earth; Bo... Unisex
Jayashri Goddess of Victory|The goddess... Unisex
Navya New|One who is youthful|The fr... Unisex
Nawal Gift|Gift, Present|Gift; Prese... Unisex
Kakoli Chirping of Birds at Dawn; Pre... Unisex
Chandarmouli A follower of Lord Shiva|Lord ... Boy
Magana Delightful|Engrossed|Precious ... Unisex
Kapila A Holy Cow|Celestial cow, Sacr... Unisex
Sabahat A beautiful, handsome man|Beau... Unisex
Nilambari Blue sky; Clothed in blue|Clot... Unisex
Kriya Performance... Unisex
Ihit Honour; Prize|One who is honor... Boy
Shankar Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva, God Sha... Boy
Shasha A nickname. Mening one who is ... Unisex
Hridika Friendship; of Heart|Of Heart|... Unisex
Jeram Brother of Gertrude|One who is... Boy
Chellam A dear one|Pampered|Precious... Unisex
Veenu Flute|Musical; Respect... Unisex
Aaquid One who Promises; One who Seek... Boy
Danila God Is My Judge|God Is The Jud... Unisex
Nibaal Arrows|The mark to indicate th... Unisex
Malik He who is king|King|King, Mast... Boy
Manav A person of male gender|Human|... Boy
Hurrah Liberal Free|Liberal, Free|Lib... Boy
Komala Delicate|Komala means Delicate... Unisex
Jaichand The victory of the Moon|Victor... Boy
Chellamani Precious Gem|Precious Pampered... Unisex
Mahesh A great ruler, one who is supr... Boy
Haseen Beautiful|Beautiful, Handsome,... Unisex
Dheerandra God of Courage|God of courage;... Boy
Dameer Heart or conscience|Heart, Con... Boy
Sarmad Eternity|Eternity; Which has a... Boy
Chandraraj King of the Moon|Moon Light|Mo... Boy
Kamal Beauty, perfection|Kamal means... Unisex
Jashith One who protects|Protector... Boy
Krandasi Krandasi means The Earth and T... Unisex
Rashid Brave|Integrity; Righteous; Gu... Boy
Ashwini A star; Wealthy; Quick|Derived... Unisex
Nayana Eye|Eyes|Most Beautiful Eyes; ... Unisex
Mahendra Indra|Indra; Lord Vishnu|Lord ... Boy
Abida Father of knowledge|She Who Wo... Unisex
Chandrpeed Lord Shiva|Name of Lord Shiva|... Boy
Jahdari Abu Al Mujashshar had this Nam... Boy
Muhsin Beneficent|Beneficent Charitab... Boy
Mohini Enchantress|Enchantress; Charm... Unisex
Menaka A Celestial Dancer|A Celestial... Unisex
Gulfaam One who is rose faced... Boy
Jaan Beloved; Life; Sing|God is Gra... Unisex
Shihab Flame, Blaze|Flame; Blaze|Lord... Boy
Dasmaya Beautiful|Speechless beauty... Boy
Tasneen A Heavenly Fountain|A heavenly... Boy
Numair Baby Tiger|Baby Tiger; Panther... Boy
Parnal Leafy|One who is lke a leaf... Unisex
Nirali A Form of Nirel|Different|Diff... Unisex
Nuri Colorful Bird|Consuming fire o... Unisex
Hasaram One who brings happiness, joy,... Boy
Rusham A woman with peaceful nature|P... Unisex
Aamil Doer, Work man|Doer; Work Man|... Boy
Prafulla Blooming, Playful, Pleasant, C... Unisex
Devavrata Name of an Ancient King in Ind... Boy
Arivunambi Confident And Intelligent|Conf... Boy
Yashem A green leaf... Boy
Hardik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordi... Boy
Kateb Clerk; Author; Writer|Kateb me... Boy
Misbah A lamp to provide light to oth... Unisex
Mutasim Adhering (to faith, to God)|Ad... Boy
Sagar Name of the 2 nd chakravarti|O... Boy
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