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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Old German Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Old German Baby Girl Names List

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Old German Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute old german baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest germany, christian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Mathilda Germanic - Mighty in battle; M... Girl
Richelle Brave ruler|Peaceful Ruler; Ru... Girl
Frieda A feminine form of Frederick. ... Girl
Leonard Brave Lion|Hardy lion or lion-... Unisex
Berit Glorious|Glorious, Intelligent... Girl
Wanda A Wend, A Wanderer|A sandhill|... Unisex
Lorraine From Lorraine|From Lorraine. F... Unisex
Bluma A Flower, Bloom|Flower|White l... Girl
Frederika A variation of 'Fredericka', i... Girl
Adelina A form of Adeline|Aformofadeli... Girl
Zelda Abbreviation of Grizelda: Gray... Unisex
Olinda Defender of the land|Fragrant|... Girl
Millicent Germanic - Hard Worker; Strong... Girl
Ula Abbreviation of Eulalie|Glory,... Unisex
Emma Embracing Everything; Industri... Girl
Conrad Bo!d speech|Bold Counsel|Brave... Unisex
Pepin Determined; Petitioner|One who... Unisex
Raymond A wise protector|Counsel; migh... Unisex
Derek First of the people, King of n... Unisex
Miles A short form of Michael, the n... Unisex
Serilda Armored battle maiden|armed ma... Girl
Garin A Form of Garry|Grace; Holines... Unisex
Lance Attendant|Diminutive of Lancel... Unisex
Minna Bitter|Form of Williamina|Germ... Girl
Orlantha from the land... Girl
Ahren Eagle|Eagle; Enlightened; Figh... Unisex
Louise Famous Warrior|Feminine form o... Girl
Kay Diminutive of Catherine: Pure,... Unisex
Louis A famous warrior|Famous Warrio... Unisex
Dagna A special day|New day|a splend... Girl
Floy A alteration of 'Florence', th... Girl
Otis A wealthy person who is keen o... Unisex
Chay A diminutive of Charles, from ... Unisex
Jarvia spear-keen... Girl
Frederick 'As You Like It' Brother to Du... Unisex
Rudolph A famous wolf|A man who has th... Unisex
Adalgisa Noble hostage... Girl
Lamar Belonging to the sea|Close to ... Unisex
Roderica A woman who is a legendary lea... Girl
Herman A soldier|Army Man|Army Man; H... Unisex
Erika Ever Ruler|Ever the ruler|Stri... Unisex
Emily Eager|Emily|Feminine form of E... Girl
Caroline A blissful, happy song|Carl; L... Girl
Yuna The archer... Girl
Charley Charley is: From the Old Engli... Unisex
Norberta Bright heroine|Northern light,... Girl
Roland A legendary person|Famed land;... Unisex
Walter 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Sir Wa... Unisex
Ernestine Battle to the death|Earnest, S... Girl
Henrietta English version of the French ... Girl
Ulrika A female ruler|Powerful and Pr... Girl
Alice From the Old German Adalheidis... Girl
Odelia I Will Praise God|I will thank... Girl
Leyna Greek name meaning truth|littl... Girl
Maud Mighty battle maiden|Mighty in... Girl
Charly A man. Variant of Carl|Beauty|... Unisex
Zelinda shield of victory... Girl
Nixie A small sprite of water|Little... Girl
Chloris Blooming. Mythological goddess... Girl
Dustin A fighter. Famous bearer: Amer... Unisex
Mallory Army Counselor|Luckless|Surnam... Unisex
Idonia Industrious and fruitful|indus... Girl
Chara A man who loves freedom and ad... Unisex
Ella Abbreviation of Eleanor and El... Unisex
Odell Ode, Melody|Of the valley|Otte... Unisex
Senta Assistant|One who assists|Spri... Unisex
Leopolda A woman who is brave nad bold|... Girl
Roderick A famous ruler|Famed ruler|Fam... Unisex
Giselle One who offers her pledge|Pled... Unisex
Charlot A born Prince who gives orders... Unisex

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