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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Odia Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute odia baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest odia baby names, odisha, hindu, indian, hindi baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

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A to Z Odia Baby Unisex Names List

Odia Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Supriya Beloved|Beloved, Cute, Adorabl... Unisex
Bhanu 1. Appearance. 2. Light; glory... Unisex
Poonam Full Moon|Full Moon; Merit|Ful... Unisex
Gunjan Buzzing of A Bee|Buzzing of a ... Unisex
Pratima Beautiful; pleasant; Icon; Ido... Unisex
Shanti A Short Form of Shantia|Peace|... Unisex
Madhuri She who is full of sweetness|S... Unisex
Durga Difficult to approach|Goddess ... Unisex
Roma Exalted, Lofty|Exalted; Goddes... Unisex
Lakshmikanta Distinguished|Lord Vishnu|One ... Unisex
Lali Beloved Darling Girl|Blushing|... Unisex
Shilpa Perfectly Created|Skilled At A... Unisex
Aftab Aftab means 'the sun'. A mascu... Unisex
Jihan A river in Iran|Leaping; The u... Unisex
Mrityunjay Lord Shiva|Lord Shiva, One who... Unisex
Ishita Desired|God Gifted; Mastery; W... Unisex
Stuti Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; P... Unisex
Raksha Protection|The Moon, Protectio... Unisex
Daruka Deodar Tre|Deodar Tree|Pine tr... Unisex
Jhoomer Ornament|Sparkling|such people... Unisex
Janki Goddess Sita|Goddess Sita, Dau... Unisex
Indira Bestower of prosperity, anothe... Unisex
Padmini Lotus|Lotus Flower|Lotus Pond... Unisex
Rachana A creation|Arrangement; Constr... Unisex
Manjeet Conqueror of The Mind|Conquero... Unisex
Deepali A electromagnetic person; fill... Unisex
Agnikumara Son of Agni|Son of Fire; A var... Unisex
Jaidayal The kindness has wo|Victory of... Unisex
Niharika Dew Drops|Dew drops; Bunches o... Unisex
Varuna A Goddess; Wife of The Lord of... Unisex
Savita Impeller; Begetter; The Sun|Mo... Unisex
Simran God's Gift|Gods Favourite; Rem... Unisex
Durva A Medicinal Herb|A medicinal h... Unisex
Phalguni Born In Falgun - A Hindu Month... Unisex
Mukti Freedom|Freedom From Life And ... Unisex
Aiman Faith; Fearless|Famous, A Beau... Unisex
Madhavi A Creeper With Beautiful Flowe... Unisex
Keyur Armlet|Armlet, Flower|Armlet; ... Unisex
Basudha Earth|The Earth; Producer of w... Unisex
Kanishka A King of The Kushan Empire In... Unisex
Harsha Happiness|Happiness, Joy, Deli... Unisex
Jahnavi Daughter of Jahnu|Daughter of ... Unisex
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star|Beau... Unisex
Kirti Fame|Fame; Glory|Fame; Reputat... Unisex
Meghana A Beautiful Cloud; Rain|A woma... Unisex
Nandini A Holy Cow, Bestower of Joy, G... Unisex
Neeta Bear|Moral; Well Behaved|The p... Unisex
Niti A well-behaved person|Ethics|M... Unisex
Avantika A beautiful Queen of Ujjain|An... Unisex
Megha A Star|A cloud of rain|Cloud... Unisex
Dhara Bearer, The earth|Constant Flo... Unisex
Sucheta Active; Alert and intellectual... Unisex
Agasti Name of A Sage|Name of a Sage;... Unisex
Rani A Real Motavater|Joyful|My Joy... Unisex
Ambika Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati... Unisex
Adwaita Focused; Non Duality; Unique; ... Unisex
Kanan A Garden|A Garden; Forest|A ga... Unisex
Jagruti Awakening|Awakening, Vigilance... Unisex
Hita Beneficial|Lovable|Lovable; Be... Unisex
Akhila Brilliant; Complete; Beauty|Co... Unisex
Lavanya Beauty|Beauty; Good Looking|Gr... Unisex
Karuna Compassion|Compassion, Mercy, ... Unisex
Ishika An arrow; Dart; One who achiev... Unisex
Sumitra A good friend; Well measured|F... Unisex
Bhavana Affection; Feeling; Imaginatio... Unisex
Amrita A rare drink providing immorta... Unisex
Radhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The... Unisex
Divyanga Divine Body|Divine Body; Relig... Unisex
Asha Desire; Hope; Light of Hope; W... Unisex
Agneya Daughter of Agni (Fire)|Son of... Unisex
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