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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Odia Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Odia Baby Girl Names List

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Odia Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute odia baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest odia baby names, odisha, hindu, indian, hindi baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Vrunda Basil, Goddess Radha, Tulsi|Ba... Girl
Devak Divine... Unisex
Raksha Protection|The Moon, Protectio... Unisex
Neela Blue|Blue / Green Colour|Blue ... Unisex
Hamsa Bird; Swan Hamsavahini|Hans Sw... Unisex
Mitali A bond between friendship and ... Unisex
Chakshu Eye|Eyes|Mesmerising pair of e... Unisex
Ajay A Combination of The Initials ... Unisex
Stuti Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga; P... Unisex
Krishna Black, Dark, Lord Krishna|Dark... Unisex
Chhaya A shadow or an image|Shadow|Sh... Unisex
Balamani Young Jewel|Young Jewel; Small... Unisex
Sonal Gold|Golden|Golden; Soft Heart... Unisex
Usha Dawn|Dawn, sun rise|Dawn; Joy;... Unisex
Pari Angel; Charitable Princess; Fa... Unisex
Kusum A Flower|A Flower that Lord Kr... Unisex
Adhita A Scholar|A Scholar; Bestowed ... Unisex
Vanita A lady or woman|Graceful lady|... Girl
Ramya Beautiful|Beautiful, Delightfu... Unisex
Rohini 4th nakshatra, cow, lightening... Unisex
Juhi A Flower|A flower, Jasmine; Li... Unisex
Madhuri She who is full of sweetness|S... Unisex
Sona Gold|Gold, Moon light|Gold, mo... Unisex
Yaamya Another name for Lord Shiva an... Unisex
Tejaswini Brilliant|Energetic|Lustrous... Girl
Amrita A rare drink providing immorta... Unisex
Damini Lightning|Lightning; Conquerin... Girl
Achindra Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfe... Unisex
Adhip King|King; Ruler|King; Ruler; ... Unisex
Kamal Beauty, perfection|Kamal means... Unisex
Adhipa King, Ruler|King; Ruler|King; ... Unisex
Baruna A Goddess; Wife of The Lord of... Girl
Hita Beneficial|Lovable|Lovable; Be... Unisex
Soma Moon Rays|Moon rays; The Soma ... Unisex
Mahtab Light of The Moon|Light of moo... Unisex
Urmi Wave|Wave of the sea|Wave, War... Girl
Minal A Precious Stone|A precious ge... Unisex
Kalidas A Devotee of Goddess Kali|A De... Unisex
Tantra Reincarnated|Treatises on Ritu... Unisex
Dhaval A Fair One|Earth|Fair Complexi... Unisex
Sangeeta Music; Musical|Musical|Musical... Unisex
Divyanga Divine Body|Divine Body; Relig... Unisex
Chetana Consciousness|Consciousness; S... Unisex
Laksha A White Rose|Aim|Aim; Ambition... Girl
Revati A Star|A Star; Wife of Balaram... Girl
Alpa Little|Little, Tiny|Little; Co... Girl
Khushi Happiness|Happiness or Joy|Hap... Unisex
Sapna Dream|Strength; Dream; Will; Q... Girl
Pooja An act of worship|Divine Ritua... Girl
Kalipada A Devotee of Goddess Kali|A De... Unisex
Yagnitha Worship... Girl
Falguni Beautiful|Beautiful gem of a p... Unisex
Nandita Cheerful|Happy|Happy, Cheerful... Unisex
Kuber God of Wealth|God of Wealth; L... Unisex
Janki Goddess Sita|Goddess Sita, Dau... Unisex
Lalita An elegant, gracious woman of ... Girl
Laxmi A Hindu Godess, wife of Lord V... Unisex
Devyani Daughter of Shukraacharya|Like... Unisex
Surabhi Having a lovely fragrance|Swee... Unisex
Sarojini A lake full of lotuses|In The ... Girl
Zaaei Name of a Flower in Marathi|Na... Girl
Chameli A Creeper With Flowers|A scent... Girl
Roma Exalted, Lofty|Exalted; Goddes... Unisex
Adit First Born|First Born; From Th... Unisex
Chaitanya Consciousness|Divine radiance,... Unisex
Ajendra King of Mountains|King of Moun... Unisex
Chandni A river; Moonlight|Light of Mo... Girl
Maruti Hanuman, Bhimsen|Lord Hanuman|... Unisex
Hemlata Golden Creeper|Golden Creeper;... Girl
Lalima A beautiful glow of the reddis... Girl

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