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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest North African Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z North African Baby Boy Names List

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North African Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute north african baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest north africa, arabic, muslim baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Zosar Egyptian - King; Name of a Pha... Boy
Tau A handsome bloke|Lion|Lion, Br... Boy
Sudi A narrator of hadith|Lucky, Bl... Unisex
Kasiya Departs|Departure... Boy
Kontar Only Son|Only child... Boy
Kneph Spirit... Boy
Tum Great god of Annu... Boy
Azizi Arabic - Beloved; Precious One... Boy
Masudah A man whose personality is hap... Unisex
Awi A Maori word for ivy|Glory... Unisex
Ahmose Son of Iah... Boy
Masud A person of good fortune|Fortu... Boy
Pilis The second born son... Boy
Thabit Established; Strong; Firm|Firm... Boy
Ode Born along the road|From the R... Unisex
Bastet A cat|Eat... Unisex
Omar An Era|Elevated, An Era, Life,... Boy
Abasi Being Stern and strict|Stern... Boy
Iabi Weak... Boy
Awan Moment, or time|Quality|Somebo... Boy
Pili Born second|Pillar, Born Secon... Unisex
Msrah Sixth born... Boy
Khafra Name of a pharaoh... Boy
Olufemi Beloved of the God, Loved by G... Unisex
Nakhti Name Powerful... Boy
Hagar 'A stranger, one that fears'|F... Unisex
Mert Brave|Lover of Silence|Mert co... Unisex
Moswen Light skin|The light skin tone... Unisex
Aswad Arabic and Egyptian Name; mean... Boy
Moke The person who is sweeten with... Boy
Imenand The Hidden One... Boy
Chibale Kinsman|The kingsman... Boy
Sef Egyptian name meaning yesterda... Boy
Chafulumisa Fast... Boy
Tabari A famous Historian|after famou... Boy
Minkah Justice... Boy
Okpara Fifth-born son|First Born|One ... Boy
Osahar God hears me... Boy
Maskini Poor|Poor, Humble... Boy
Kamuzu Kamuzu means Medical|Medical... Boy
Nephi A good son. Founder of Nephite... Boy
Kamenwati Dark Rebel... Boy
Ako Lutke|Tired, Weary... Boy
Yahya A Prophets Name (john)|A Proph... Boy
Nebtawi Lord of the World... Boy
Oni Born in a sacred place|Shelter... Unisex
Shushu Braggart... Boy
Ialu Field of Dreams... Boy
Khufu Name of a pharaoh... Boy
Hemeda Egyptian name... Boy
Salama Peace|Peace, Safety|Peace; Fem... Unisex
Naguib An innocent person|noble... Boy
Neema Born in prosperity. (Swahili)|... Unisex
Ramses Begotten by Ra the sun god|Egy... Boy
Ashai Abundant... Boy
Heru Sun god|The Distant One, Sun G... Boy
Eshaq It is the name of a prophet's ... Boy
Unika A Form of Unique|Shining|To sh... Unisex
Set Compensation|Dazzle|Son of Seb... Boy
Ahmed Commendable, Praiseworthy, Gre... Boy
Chenzira Born on a Journey|Zimbabwean n... Boy
Harith Cultivator|God|Good Provider... Boy
Babafemi Beloved of his father|Loved by... Boy
Mkhai Fight... Boy
Kek God of darkness... Boy
Makalani Clerk... Boy
Musa A Prophet, The biblical Moses|... Boy
Sutekh Son of Seb and Nut... Boy
Hapi A god of the Nile... Boy
Bakari A promising and lovely human b... Boy

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