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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Norse Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Norse Baby Girl Names List

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Norse Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute norse baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest norwegian, swedish, finns baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Ragnbjorg Wise protector... Girl
Alfhildr Elf battle... Girl
Sigrithr Beautiful victory... Girl
Thorberta Brilliance of Thor... Girl
Darby Deer Farm|Deer Park, from the ... Unisex
Lisbet A Short Form of Elizabeth|Abbr... Girl
Erik Eternal ruler|Ever Powerful|Ev... Unisex
Leif A descendant, a person who is ... Unisex
Liselott She devoted herself to God... Girl
Bothildr Compensation, Remedy... Girl
Raegan Born into royalty, the little ... Unisex
Rikky One who is a complete leader a... Unisex
Vigdis The battle goddess|War Goddess... Girl
Sain Nordic surname... Unisex
Derby 'Henry VI, Part 2' Sir John St... Unisex
Randalin A protecting shield... Girl
Tyra Battle|God|Untamed... Unisex
Sigridr Beautiful victory... Girl
Terence From an ancient roman clan|Ins... Unisex
Idunnr Goddess of spring... Girl
Verthandi Necessity|Present... Girl
Skuld Future... Girl
Jannis Nordic name meaning God's grac... Unisex
Kare Curly, Curved|Kare means means... Unisex
Terry A Familiar Form of Terrence|Ab... Unisex
Tate A cheerful man, one who brings... Unisex
Tayte Brings joy|Cheerful|Happy... Unisex
Gudlaug One who is a good wife|Son of ... Unisex
Ragnheidur Bright counsel... Girl
Seri Closeness, fullness|Slender an... Unisex
Kort Bold|Bold Counsel|Form of Cort... Unisex
Gimle New heaven... Unisex
Dagna A special day|New day|a splend... Girl
Nanja One who is merciful, who favou... Girl
Ingridr Beautiful... Girl
Kirk A man of the church|Church|Chu... Unisex
Anderson English Andrew. Manly; brave. ... Unisex
Thorfrithr Peace of Thor... Girl
Valkyrie Chooser of the slain... Girl
Torunn The love of thunder God, mothe... Girl
Hvergelmir Home of Nidhug|The home of Nid... Unisex
Marne She who is shinig bright... Girl
Flos chieftain... Girl
Fritha Beloved|Peace... Girl
Cauley Relic|She is like a relic... Unisex
Raija One who radiates light... Girl
Aelfraed Elf counselor|Sage|a mystical ... Unisex
Lova Swedish for promise, vow... Girl
Nanna Brave|Favor, Grace|Grace... Girl
Astridr Beautiful... Girl
Louiza Famous Warrior|Nordic name for... Girl
Aelfhun A mystical favour from God... Unisex
Guthlaug God wife... Girl
Eske Spear of the gods|Variant name... Unisex
Gunnar A bold warrior|Battle Army|Bat... Unisex
Eir Help, Mercy|Name of the goddes... Girl
Bergthora Spirit of Thor|Thor's spirit... Girl
Frigg Love|One who belongs to Icelan... Girl
Kelsey A Form of Chelsea|Ceol's islan... Unisex
Asgerd God's fence|Spear of the gods... Unisex
Valdis An Old Norse name, meaning god... Unisex
Jorunn Jorunn means The One Who Loves... Unisex
Erich Brave ruler, Ever powerful|Eve... Unisex
Den From Denmark|Nickname for name... Unisex
Ranveig A house woman... Girl
Ragnhildr Battle counsel... Girl
Olesea Nimm is the name of a tree tha... Girl
Jensen God is gracious|Scandinavian -... Unisex
Om Creation|Father of ldunn|Omkar... Unisex
Ragnhild Advice, Counsel|Adviser in a b... Girl

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