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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Native American Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Native American Baby Girl Names List

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Native American Baby Girl Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute native american baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest united states, usa baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Tis See Woo Na Tis She who bathes with her knees... Girl
Calfuray One who is like a violet flowe... Girl
Meli Bitter|Malicious water, harsh ... Unisex
Kiersten Follower of Christ|Kiersten me... Unisex
Zitkala Bird... Girl
Chimalis Bluebird... Girl
Doli Beautiful Like a Doll|Bluebird... Girl
Atepa Wigwam|Wigwam (choctaw)... Girl
Chilam Snowbird... Girl
Caren A Form of Carina|A genuine and... Girl
Dakota A Native|A friend to all|Allie... Unisex
Ominotago Beautiful Voice (chippewa)|Ple... Girl
Keegsquaw Virgin|Virgin (algonquin)... Girl
Emil Derived from Roman clan name w... Unisex
Mitena Born under coming, New Moon|co... Girl
Odina Mountain|Nap and impassiveness... Girl
Jannicke God is Gracious|Gracious God... Girl
Kohana Kohana means Swift|Little Flow... Unisex
Njlon Mistress... Girl
Federikke Feminine form of Frederik... Girl
Anndrea Courageous and strong, womanly... Girl
Anpaytoo Radiant... Girl
Reidun One who bestows the home|nest-... Girl
Kimeya Kimeya means Singing Throat... Unisex
Sorine Feminine form of Sorin... Girl
Mingan A grey wolf, a person who is i... Unisex
Kolinka Born to the conquering people... Girl
Ingeborg Ing's protection|Protection, H... Girl
Sassaba The wolf... Unisex
Angeni A powerful and complete spirit... Girl
Inger Daughter of a hero|Enclosure|S... Unisex
Agneta Fire|Poor, chaste, pure|Pure... Girl
Taini Born during the returning moon... Girl
Hania Grace; Favour; Apricot from Na... Unisex
Waki Shelter|Shelter (hopi)... Girl
Nashota Twin... Girl
Birte Exalted One|Splendid... Girl
Sinopa Fox (black Foot)|Kit Fox... Girl
Sorina A Sun-like woman|Feminine form... Girl
Poseanye The dripping dew... Unisex
Kiwidinok Of The Wind (chippewa)|Woman o... Girl
Alo He looks up|Light|Spiritual gu... Unisex
Larina Affection; Soul; Sea Gull; Pro... Girl
Chenoa A white Dove; peace|Dove|white... Girl
Pavati Clear Water (hopi)|Clear water... Girl
Urika Useful... Girl
Haiwee Dove... Girl
Ehawee Laughing Maid... Girl
Kasa Appearance|Dressed In Furs (ho... Unisex
Dakin Danish... Girl
Pat A regal and noble individual|A... Unisex
Laila Born at night; Dark beauty; Sw... Unisex
Aviaja A cousin; expressive and posit... Girl
Grette The Pearl|The Pearl, The beaut... Girl
Meda A Mixed Caste; Fat|Fat; A Mixe... Unisex
Lovise Famous Warrior... Girl
Sheshebens Small Duck|Small Duck (chippew... Girl
Taborri voices that carry... Girl
Kaliska Coyote chasing deer|Kaliska me... Girl
Tansy Immortality. Also the name of ... Unisex
Stinne Christian... Girl
Karren Abbreviation of Katherine. Pur... Girl
Sooleawa Silver|Silver (algonquin)... Girl
Annelisa A Combination of Ann & Lisa|Fa... Girl
Pedrine Feminine of Pedar... Girl
Unega White... Girl
Wakanda inner magical power|possesses ... Girl
Shako mint... Girl
Abedabun Dawn, Sight of day|Sight of Da... Girl
Suni Believer|Middle... Girl

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Arapaho Indian Choctaw Indian
Dane Hopi Indian
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Navajo Indian Omaha Indian
Sioux Zuni Indian

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