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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Muslim Baby Names Starting with Ju with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute muslim baby names starting with ju with meaning. Get modern and latest islamic, quranic, arabic, urdu baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Muslim Baby Names Beginning with Ju

Name Meaning Gender
Juail One black and ill-shaped|they ... Unisex
Juana A Flower|Gift From God|Gift fr... Unisex
Juayl Argumentative; Inclined to Qua... Boy
Jubaida Pure; Beautiful... Girl
Jubaila Mountain|they have charm, life... Girl
Jubair Counsels Or Brings Together|Co... Unisex
Jubayr Compelled|Compeller; Comforter... Boy
Juber Brave warrior|such people are ... Unisex
Jubin Honorable / righteous|Honorabl... Boy
Jud Generosity|Praised|praised. Th... Unisex
Juda Goodness, Excellence|Goodness,... Unisex
Judaala Distinct|people with this name... Unisex
Judamah Daughter of Wahb,companion And... Girl
Judamnah -Not Available-... Girl
Juday They like to be quiet; lenient... Boy
Judea They are very kind to others, ... Boy
Judee Praise|The one who is optimist... Unisex
Judge The one with passionate soul a... Boy
Judhail the descendant of Goda, The pe... Boy
Judi From Judea|Jewess, Woman of Ju... Girl
Jugnu A Fire Fly|A Firefly|A firefly... Unisex
Juhaina -Not Available-... Girl
Juhainah Juhainah means Darkness at the... Girl
Juhanah Juhanah means Young Girl|Young... Girl
Juhaym A Companion of the Prophet PBU... Boy
Juhaymah The name means The Narrator of... Girl
Juhaynah Name means Arab Tribe|Name of ... Girl
Juhi A Flower|A flower, Jasmine; Li... Unisex
Jul Firm Will|Resolution|Resolutio... Boy
Juma Born on a Friday|Friday|Juma n... Unisex
Jumaana Jumaana means Silver Pearl|Sil... Girl
Jumah (Born on) Friday|Born on Frida... Boy
Jumail -Not Available-... Boy
Jumaila unity of army... Boy
Jumaima -Not Available-... Girl
Jumaimah Name of a Sahabiyynh (RA)... Girl
Jumaina Diminutive of jumana, Small pe... Girl
Jumainah Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA)... Girl
Jumal Handsome... Boy
Juman Always Dream to Break the Worl... Unisex
Jumana Pearl|Silver pearl|The name Ju... Girl
Jumanah A Silver Pearl|Pearl|Pearl; Na... Unisex
Jumaymah Name of a Female Companion... Girl
Jumaynah Gem, name of a female companio... Girl
Jumlish Brave... Boy
Jummal A Thick Rope|Couple; Unit of A... Boy
Jumuah (Born on) Friday|The name Jumu... Boy
Jun Chinesee - Truth; Japanese - O... Unisex
Junada Helper, warrior or soldier... Boy
Junah The Sun|The name Junah means T... Girl
Junaid Fighter Worrier Whose Strength... Boy
Junainah Garden of paradise... Girl
Junais -Not Available-... Boy
Junayd A warrior|Fighter, Warrior|Fig... Boy
Junayna Little garden|The meaning of t... Girl
Jundub Grasshopper|Grasshopper (name ... Boy
Juni Juni is a Scandinavian name me... Girl
Junna Junna is Boy name and means To... Unisex
Junnut Heaven|The meaning of the name... Girl
Jurayj Jurayj is a Muslim name, repre... Boy
Jurhad He was Ibn khuwaylid al-Aslami... Boy
Juri Juri means Farmer. This name i... Unisex
Jusamah Nightmare, Name of a Companion... Boy
Jusuf God increases (in strength, po... Boy
Juthamah Name of a companion|Name of co... Boy
Juwain Juwain means Sibling|Sibling... Boy
Juwairiyah Little girl|The meaning of the... Girl
Juwan Forms of Jajuan|God is graciou... Unisex
Juwariah A small girl... Girl
Juwariyah Name of Prophet Muhammad's wif... Girl
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