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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Muslim Baby Names Starting with Ar with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute muslim baby names starting with ar with meaning. Get modern and latest islamic, quranic, arabic, urdu baby names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Muslim Baby Names Beginning with Ar

Name Meaning Gender
Ar-Rafi The exalter... Boy
Ar-Rahim The merciful... Boy
Ar-Rahman The most compassionate; The be... Boy
Ar-Raqib The watchful... Boy
Ar-Rashid The guide to the right path... Boy
Ar-Rauf The clement... Boy
Ar-Razzaq The provider... Boy
Ara Adorning; Ornament; Embellishi... Unisex
Araabi Well spoken... Boy
Arab A person from Arab|Multiplying... Boy
Arad A wild ass; a dragon|Name of A... Boy
Araf Pilgrimage site 25 km from cit... Boy
Arafa Name of a mountain close to Me... Boy
Arafaa Name of a mountain close to Me... Girl
Arafaat Pilgrimage site 25 km from cit... Boy
Arafat A mountain near Mecca; recogni... Boy
Arahaan Who knows everything... Boy
Arai Morning, Dawn... Girl
Araju A lovely wish|Ichchha... Girl
Aram A curse; They are high and exa... Unisex
Aramazd Divinity of Wisdom... Boy
Arar Lent Lily... Boy
Aras Aras river. It's also the name... Boy
Arash A Hero In Persian Folklore (he... Boy
Arasi Queen... Girl
Arastoo Aristotle; the one with fantas... Boy
Araz Commodities|Name of a river... Unisex
Arba Eagle|Four... Unisex
Arbaaz A mighty Eagle|Eagle... Boy
Arbab The supreme master|Who Looks A... Boy
Arbad A mighty Lion or a Snake|Maste... Boy
Arban A fluent man|Fluent... Unisex
Ardalan A Kurdish vassal|Name of a Kur... Boy
Ardashir Righteous Ruler|The one who ha... Boy
Ardhi Mountain... Boy
Areeb Adroit; Skillful|An intelligen... Boy
Areeba Brilliant; Sharp; Witty and Sm... Girl
Areebah Brilliant; Sharp; Witty and Sm... Girl
Areefa Learned, Expert, Authority... Girl
Areej A fragrant smell|Fragrance, sw... Unisex
Areen Full of Joy|Full of joy; Mount... Boy
Areez A diligent leader|A hard worki... Unisex
Aref Knowing; Knowledgeable|Knowing... Boy
Aresha A Queen|Under An umbrella... Girl
Areta An excellent, beautiful being|... Girl
Aretha A Greek beauty|Best|Excellence... Girl
Arezo Wish or desire|Wish, desire, a... Girl
Arezoo A desirable human being|Wish|W... Girl
Arezou A desirable, wishful human bei... Unisex
Arezu Wish, Desire|Wish, desire, asp... Girl
Arfa Greatness... Girl
Arfaana Wise, wisdom and decisiveness.... Girl
Arfaha Women who recognizes Islam... Boy
Arfan An intelligent, wise person|Gr... Boy
Arfaz Respected... Boy
Arfiyaz A unique name who is beautiful... Girl
Arghavan Reddish purple|Redish Purple|T... Girl
Argo Mountain|Name of Jason's ship... Boy
Arhaa Calm or serene... Boy
Arhaan A born leader and a ruler|Ange... Boy
Arhab Intelligent... Boy
Arham Compassion; Mercy; Rhe Word is... Boy
Arhan A born leader and a ruler|Clim... Boy
Ari A Short Form of Aristotle|Brav... Boy
Ariabood The tribe leader... Boy
Ariana Full of Life|Golden life|Holy... Unisex
Aribah Wise|Witty; Smart; Wise... Girl
Arief One who is clever and intellig... Boy
Arif Acquainted, Knowledgeable|Acqu... Boy
Arifa Acquainted, Knowledgeable|Acqu... Girl
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