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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Middle East Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute middle east baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest arabic, persian, muslim baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Middle East Baby Boy Names List

Middle East Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Odam An Arabic word that means one ... Boy
Unika A Form of Unique|Shining|To sh... Unisex
Mihalis An angel carrying out God's ju... Boy
Palanimurugan Another Name For Lord Murugan|... Boy
Ndrajit The king who wins the world... Boy
Ordman Spearman|The one who can handl... Boy
Mikey Short version of Michael that ... Boy
Linne A person named after the twinf... Unisex
Melchoir City of the King... Boy
Perunthagai A person who is learned and de... Boy
Tanju He who is blessed by Allah|Red... Boy
Nakul A mongoose, A sharp-minded|Nam... Boy
Mahavil A sky, one who is bright like ... Boy
Yedidyah Beloved by God|Beloved of God... Boy
Ollie A Familiar Form of Oliver|Dimi... Unisex
Khemroop An embodiment of happiness and... Boy
Nishadha Midnight|The feet of a monarch... Unisex
Marton A battling, fighting, warring ... Boy
Marici Beam of Light|One who is a bea... Unisex
Milkha A king or a monarch|King; Mona... Unisex
Neilan Champion|Champion Form of Neil... Boy
Bowen Son of Owen|son of 'Owen'|son ... Unisex
Kushalin Having Skillfulness or Happine... Boy
Jamon A right hand of favor|Right ha... Boy
Moise A person who is naturally havi... Boy
Zubayr A proper name, the youngest fi... Boy
Phalak Heaven|Heaven, Sky|Heaven; The... Unisex
Khanjan Cleft|Dimple of cheeks|Dimples... Unisex
Saket Abode of Lord Rama; Music of S... Unisex
Ankhenaton He who Works for Aten, Devoted... Boy
Jawon A Form of Jajuan|God is gracio... Boy
Odoacer The goddess person|Watchful of... Boy
Nanjundan Divine God Shiva|God Shiva... Boy
Natas A Christmas day born person... Boy
Minik A tough layer of fat, to seal ... Boy
Lavey Brought together, Joined, an U... Unisex
Mohanpal Protector of the Charming|The ... Boy
Leeam A strong willed warrior, a war... Boy
Peota One who is free detailed and g... Boy
Yiska Hebrew form of Iscah meaning '... Unisex
Jaivon a form of Javan... Boy
Meharban Merciful and Kind|One who is f... Boy
Nagulesh Lord Shiva; Snake|Snake; Lord ... Boy
Nataniel Gift from God|Gift of God|The ... Boy
Naishadh A Hero from the Mahabharata wh... Boy
Aba African Akan - Girl born on Th... Unisex
Huzur An eloquent man... Boy
Amiel God is my kinsman, God of my p... Boy
Mokhtar Free in one's action, empowere... Boy
Pfeostun From the Priest's farm|One who... Boy
Mohanveer Beauteous and Brave|Commencing... Boy
Aton Solar disk... Boy
Yeudiel I give thanks to God... Boy
Marunda He who is industrious|Industri... Boy
Jebediah Beloved Friend... Boy
Labon Labon means White, Bright... Boy
Kanwarpal Means Protector of Prince|Prot... Boy
Osbern The one who leads the war on b... Boy
Ronil Blue Sky|The Joy of the God... Boy
Kinley Fair hero|Kinley means The Whi... Unisex
Lindsai From the Lincoln island, an is... Unisex
Shamoun A form of Simon. It means he h... Boy
Galilee Rebellion or uprising|Rolling,... Unisex
Panchaanan Five eyed, Lord Shiva|Five-eye... Boy
Nailadi One who desires new experience... Unisex
Phelps One who is born to love horses... Boy
Parnad A Brahmin In The Epics|A Brahm... Boy
Maaglant A happy and versatile individu... Boy
Tamara A name that means date palm tr... Unisex
Nikit A good person, best qualities|... Boy
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