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Unique, Cute, Latest & Modern Aries / Mesha Rashi Baby Names Starting with A with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute mesha rashi baby names starting with a with meaning. Get modern, latest aries baby names as per astrology and zodiac sign which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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Mesha Rashi Baby Names Start with
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Mesha Rashi Baby Names Beginning with A

Name Meaning Gender
Aasia Hope|Hopeful|One who tends to ... Girl
Aasin Calling Himself|different mean... Unisex
Aasmi I am Soul|I am, Self-confident... Girl
Aasrita Goddess Name|Somebody who give... Girl
Aasthaa Faith; Desire to Achieve|Faith... Girl
Aastik One who has faith in god; Beli... Boy
Aasvi Blessed and victorious; Little... Boy
Aatamprakash Inner Knowledga|inner knowledg... Unisex
Aathav Lord Ganesha's one name... Boy
Aatherya A Disciple of Sage Vamadeva... Boy
Aathimanthi Hope... Girl
Aathiswaran The Fire|The Fire ; Refers to ... Boy
Aathmika Related To Aathma Or Soul|Rela... Unisex
Aathreya Descendant of Athri. A Discipl... Boy
Aatma Light of the Lord; Soul|Soul|S... Boy
Aatmadeva God of the Soul|God of the Sou... Boy
Aatmaja Daughter|Daughter of The Soul|... Girl
Aatmaram One who is Happy in his self... Boy
Aatmeshwar Self Respect|Selfe Respect|The... Unisex
Aatmika Aathma, Soul... Girl
Aatreya Name of A Sage|Name of a sage;... Unisex
Aatvi Energy... Girl
Aavansh Forthcoming Generation... Boy
Aavesh Lord of the universe, Lord Shi... Boy
Aavir One who Fights for Peace; Cont... Boy
Aavni The Earth... Girl
Aayan Belonging to the solstice, als... Unisex
Aayansh Sun|Sun; like splendour or bri... Boy
Aayaushi Long Life|Long lived|One with ... Girl
Aayra Respectable Person; Goddess Sa... Girl
Aayu Lifespan|Lifespan; Long Life; ... Unisex
Aayus Age; Man; Long lived; One with... Boy
Aayushmaan Blessed with long life; A vari... Boy
Aayuti -Not Available-... Girl
Aazvaar practical and patient... Boy
Abahijeevan Fearless Life|Someone leading ... Boy
Aban 8th Month of the Iranian Calen... Unisex
Abanimohon the King... Boy
Abanish being a King... Boy
Abaranji -Not Available-... Girl
Abayomi Born to Bring Me Joy; From Yor... Unisex
Abbhinav New; Novel; Innovative... Boy
Abbot Abbey father|Father|Father, Pr... Boy
Abbynayha Expressions... Girl
Abdhija Born in Sea; Goddess Lakshmi|B... Girl
Abeena Beautiful... Girl
Abeesht Desired, Wish (wished for), De... Boy
Abeni African Yoruban - We asked for... Girl
Abezag Holy; Pure|Pure|Pure; Holy... Unisex
Abhaas Awarness|The sense, awareness,... Boy
Abhaijeet Victory Over Fear|Victory over... Boy
Abhaijot Bold person who is guiding by ... Boy
Abhaitek A person who does not fear abo... Boy
Abhanja One who has excellent speaking... Boy
Abharika Refers to disorderly haste|The... Girl
Abhash Awareness or recognition|Reali... Boy
Abhata Blazing; Shining|Shining; Blaz... Boy
Abhav Having the Ability to be Diffr... Unisex
Abhay Born son of Dharma or who is n... Boy
Abhayaa Without Fear; Fearless... Girl
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