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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Marathi Baby Unisex Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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Rashi Nakshatra

A to Z Marathi Baby Unisex Names List

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Marathi Baby Unisex Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute marathi baby unisex names with meaning. Get modern and latest maharashtra, hindu, indian baby unisex names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern. A unisex name (also known as gender neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender specific which for both boy or girl.

Name Meaning Gender
Ainesh Sun's Glory|Sun's Glory; one w... Unisex
Vinoda Pleasing|diversion, pleasure, ... Unisex
Advika A unique girl, no copy or dual... Unisex
Kshema Durga|Durga, Peaceful, Tranqui... Unisex
Digambari Consort of Digambara; Sky Clad... Unisex
Jaina A Form of Janae|Ganga River; T... Unisex
Ami A Form of Amy|Asia Beautiful|B... Unisex
Krishnamurthy Idol of lord Krishna|Lord Kris... Unisex
Gyan Knowl|Knowledge|Knowledge; Wis... Unisex
Santya Bestowing Gifts; Kind|Kind; Be... Unisex
Hena A Flower|Flower|Golden Flower... Unisex
Utanka A Disciple of Sage Veda|A Disc... Unisex
Pallavini Bud; Creeper in full bloom; Ne... Unisex
Ganmanya Distinguised, Honoured, Respec... Unisex
Aadarsha Ideal|Idol; Mentor; With an id... Unisex
Abbas A Family Name|A Familyname.fro... Unisex
Chhavvi A radiant reflection|Image, Ra... Unisex
Pradyumna A very mighty person|Bestwoer|... Unisex
Sukha Ease; Comfort|Happy; Joyful|Jo... Unisex
Adhik Greater|Greater, More, Lots|Gr... Unisex
Hima Goddess Parvati; of the snow; ... Unisex
Achal Constant|Constant, Immovable|C... Unisex
Ilisa A form of alisa, elisa|Consecr... Unisex
Karabi A Flower|Flower|Karabi name me... Unisex
Nandika Goddess Lakshmi; A small water... Unisex
Kailas Abode of Lord Shiva|From he si... Unisex
Mridini Goddess Parvati|Goddesss Parva... Unisex
Patala Another name for Goddess Durga... Unisex
Pracheta A smart, wise person|Lord Varu... Unisex
Kadambini A Sanskrit name meaning flower... Unisex
Ratanjali A name of the very famous phil... Unisex
Nandini A Holy Cow, Bestower of Joy, G... Unisex
Aarti A Form of Arti|A form of worsh... Unisex
Nandi Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga, O... Unisex
Gunavati Virtuous|Virtuous or expert|Vi... Unisex
Harmeet A friend of the God|God's Devo... Unisex
Josh Emotion|God Is Salvation|God S... Unisex
Pavana A Cleanser; Breeze; Holy; Sacr... Unisex
Kunda Kunda means Jasmine Blossom|Lo... Unisex
Yad A Lebanese word for jade... Unisex
Kalanidhi Kalanidhi name means Receptabl... Unisex
Katyayan An ancient grammarian|Name of ... Unisex
Manikuntala A Lamp of Precious Stones|A wo... Unisex
Jai Conqueror|Conqueror, Defeater,... Unisex
Narinder King of Men|King of Men; A var... Unisex
Sarag A princess|Dear; Heaven|Heaven... Unisex
Adhiraj King|King; Ruler; Supreme and ... Unisex
Badri A name of Lord Vishnu|Full Moo... Unisex
Ksema Ksema means Traquility|Safety,... Unisex
Ajay A Combination of The Initials ... Unisex
Gemine Latin - Twin; Third zodiac sig... Unisex
Asmi A strong and rock bound person... Unisex
Kusum A Flower|A Flower that Lord Kr... Unisex
Kunjal Cuckoo, Nightingale|Cuckoo, Ni... Unisex
Gaurangi Beautiful; Coloured Like A Cow... Unisex
Mika A Form of Micah|Abbreviation o... Unisex
Maraam Aspiration|Aspiration; Wish; D... Unisex
Navneet Butter, Who takes pleasure in ... Unisex
Parveen A Star|Cluster of Stars; A var... Unisex
Shekhar Crest, Peak, Lord Shiva, Ultim... Unisex
Niagh An aim or a purpose|Divine; Si... Unisex
Indumani Gem of the Moon... Unisex
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati|Goddess Parvat... Unisex
Nidhi Brilliant; To bestow; Treasure... Unisex
Akaldeep Eternal lamp, God's lamp|Etern... Unisex
Sragvi Lord Vishnu|Sacred Tulsi plant... Unisex
Turya Spiritual Power|Spiritual powe... Unisex
Mandeepa A light hearted person|Light o... Unisex
Pratibha Image|Inspiration; Intellect; ... Unisex
Ashita Blessings; River Yamuna|River ... Unisex

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