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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Malayalam Girl Baby Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute malayalam baby girl names with meaning. Get modern and latest kerala, hindu, south indian baby girl names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

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A to Z Malayalam Baby Girl Names List

Malayalam Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Name Meaning Gender
Avishi Earth, River|Earth; River|The ... Girl
Bhanuni Charming Woman... Girl
Reshmi A silk-like woman|Ray of light... Girl
Archa Pujan; Worship; Prayer; Devote... Unisex
Kashmera Firm; Beautiful Angel; Caring;... Girl
Gitali Gitali is a female name and me... Girl
Lajita Lajita means Modesty|Modest... Girl
Harshini Cheerful; Happy|Full of Happin... Unisex
Shrutaly Lyrics; Musical Notes... Girl
Mohi As fragrant as honey bunch, as... Girl
Shubhada Giver of Luck|Giver of luck; A... Girl
Kajala Eyeliner; Soot... Girl
Kusuma Flower|Flower Like; Blossom Li... Unisex
Mandakini A River|A river; The milky way... Unisex
Paulmi Latin - Little; Humble; From T... Girl
Chandraprabha A Star in the galaxy|Moon ligh... Girl
Ayesha A sensitive human being|Alive ... Girl
Vinod Happy, Full of Joy|Happy, Full... Unisex
Taanusiya A Great Devotee|A great devote... Girl
Deepesh God of Sunlght; diplomatic and... Unisex
Kuldeep Kuldeep means Light of the Fam... Unisex
Induja Daughter of the moon, another ... Unisex
Sahiba Lady|Lady or a wife|Lady; Wife... Girl
Tulika A Paint Brush|Artistic; A Pain... Girl
Sukhmani Bringing Peace|Bringing peace ... Girl
Saumyi A moonlight|Moon light|Moonlig... Girl
Gaurinath A Fair One; Husband of Gauri ,... Unisex
Bijal Lightening|Lightning... Unisex
Mrinalini Lotus|Lotus Stalk; Stem of Lot... Girl
Geet Melody|Melody, Song|Song... Unisex
Kajri Cloud|Cloud Like|Cloud-like... Unisex
Kritanu One who has many skills|Skille... Unisex
Sukumari Soft, Meritorious|Soft; Merito... Girl
Nainika Pupil of The Eye|The one who h... Unisex
Jigna Intellectual Curiosity|an intl... Unisex
Gyan Knowl|Knowledge|Knowledge; Wis... Unisex
Aboli A Flower|A Flower; Name of a F... Girl
Tredha Earth... Girl
Panita Admired|Admired; One who feels... Unisex
Andal An incarnation of Goddess Laks... Girl
Adarsh Ideal|Ideal; The Sun; Principl... Unisex
Abhirathi Pleasure... Girl
Kshiraj Moon, Lotus, Conch -shell|Moon... Unisex
Tushita A deity|Happy, bliss and conte... Girl
Kshantu Patient|Patient; Enduring|The ... Unisex
Ekantika Devoted to one aim; Singly foc... Girl
Varunika Goddess of Rain... Girl
Achira A prompt person, very swift|Me... Girl
Mahamaya Goddess Durga|Goddess Durga, t... Unisex
Sarit Derivative of Sarah meaning 'R... Unisex
Hitaishi Lovable; Beneficial; Well Wish... Girl
Arianna Form of the Greek Ariadne, mea... Unisex
Methra Dew Drops|The dew drops, or th... Girl
Santati A name of Goddess Durga. It me... Girl
Adhik Greater|Greater, More, Lots|Gr... Unisex
Sumona A baby girl born in the summer... Girl
Vallabha Beloved|Lover|Lover; Beloved... Unisex
Avathara A Goddess of human reflection;... Girl
Pehr Hour, Time; Phase, time of day... Unisex
Manikuntala A Lamp of Precious Stones|A wo... Unisex
Huma An Imaginary Bird; Bird of Par... Girl
Ronak Beauty; Grace; Glamour|Bright|... Unisex
Nivedita Dedicated to service, Surrende... Unisex
Sukshma Fine... Girl
Nirupa A Decree, Command|A Decree; Co... Unisex
Chitragandha A Fragrant Material|Fragrant o... Girl
Kiranmayi Full of Rays|Kiranmayi means S... Unisex
Vikasni A name of Goddess Lakshmi|Godd... Girl
Yuktha Absorbed, Attentive|Absorbed; ... Girl
Haimavathi Another version of Haima which... Girl
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