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Unique, Cute, Modern & Latest Latin Baby Boy Names with Meaning, Origin, Numerology

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A to Z Latin Baby Boy Names List

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Latin Baby Boy Names with Meaning

If you are looking for a Unique and Cute latin baby boy names with meaning. Get modern and latest latin, roman, christian baby boy names which are popular, trending, top, cool, tradition and modern.

Name Meaning Gender
Demarcus A soft and tender person|The s... Unisex
Angelle Angel, Messenger|Angel; Messen... Unisex
Maxence Greatest, Excellent|To be the ... Boy
Zephyrinus West Wind... Boy
Apollonius Destroying|Of Apollo|Old Greek... Boy
Dionis Divine|Divine, The Goddess|One... Unisex
Arnoldus Eagle Power|Germanic - Eagle R... Boy
Jerolin holy name... Boy
Tavian Eighth... Boy
Ambrosius Divine|Immortal|Old Greek - Im... Boy
Fan Diminutive of Frances: From Fr... Unisex
Ludovic Derived from the Latinized for... Boy
Natasha Birthday|Birthday, Christmas D... Unisex
Ackersley A dweller from the meadow of a... Boy
Enyon The name is derived from Latin... Boy
Lupin From latin word 'lupinus' mean... Unisex
Jenna Celtic - Lady of the people; T... Unisex
Cornelio A bony outgrowth that is usual... Boy
Franciscus French, Free, From France|It r... Boy
Larson Son of Lars Form of Lawrence|S... Boy
Lycurgus A king of the Edones|Wolf Work... Boy
Peregrin A traveller or a pilgrim being... Boy
Rina A Short Form of Names Ending I... Unisex
Duke 'As You Like It' Duke, living ... Boy
Iulius Descended from Jupiter (Jove)|... Unisex
Tristen Bold|Derived from Tristis whic... Unisex
Rollo A Familiar Form of Roland|A no... Boy
Anacletus Called back, Invoked|They are ... Boy
Carmine A beautiful song / the color c... Unisex
Gilebertus Gilbertus is a Latin version o... Boy
Charybdis A deadly whirlpool|Daughter of... Unisex
Pavel Form of Paul; Small; Little|Li... Boy
Arsenius Virile... Boy
Christeen Follower of christ or anointed... Unisex
Sylvan To be the man of the forest|Wo... Boy
Krystal A Clear,brilliant Glass|Crysta... Unisex
Paola A Feminine Form of The Name Pa... Unisex
Aelianus Sun... Boy
Marce A war-like, gleaming person... Boy
Antoinette ???|Beyond praise. French femi... Unisex
Clementius Gentle and merciful|Merciful|V... Boy
Randy A Familiar Form of Rand|Diminu... Unisex
Clarke A word for clerk; one who does... Boy
Timeus Honor|perfect... Boy
Xantheus One who is golden haired... Boy
Anastasius Old Greek - Resurrection; A va... Boy
Hymenaeus Bridal Song, Wedding Song... Boy
Carpus Fruit, Profits|Fruit, fruitful... Boy
Lora A Form of Laura|Crowned with L... Unisex
Franciskus German form of Latin 'Francisc... Boy
Acario Without Grace|ungrateful... Boy
Jude He who is praised|Praise|Prais... Unisex
Faustinus A man of fortune|Lucky... Boy
Marcel A person who is strong as a ha... Unisex
Sanctius Holy... Boy
Romulus From Rome|One of the founders ... Boy
Chauncey Chancellor, church official|Ch... Boy
Cronos Horn... Boy
Caietanus From Caieta (Gaeta, Italy)... Boy
Celia Diminutive of Cecelia meaning ... Unisex
Quantum From the Latin quantus meaning... Boy
Quintinus Fifth... Boy
Corbit Black bird; the raven, a bird ... Boy
Androcles A glorious man; named after a ... Boy
June Derived from the name of the s... Unisex
Leon A Short Form of Leonard|A vari... Unisex
Braz stammerer... Boy
Aristides Best|Best Physique, Excellence... Boy
Etguinum till eternity or forever or ti... Boy
Viviana Alive|Alive, Living|Full of Li... Unisex

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